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When I was six, I had what I thought was a very smart idea: a stop sign just for bad buys. That way everyone who was not a bad guy could ignore it, but while the bad guys are stopped it would be easier for the police to catch them.

My excuse for that idea is that I was six.

My father, having a PhD in psychology and therefore knowing nothing about how people think, got very annoyed with my idea for being so silly, and said that by drawing that stop sign on a sheet of paper I was wasting paper.

Eventually I grew up and realized why my idea would not work. The problem is, I am still waiting for progressives and conservatives to grow up and realize why my idea would not work.

Oh, they would never dream of putting up a stop sign for bad guys, true. But progressives do really believe in gun laws, and conservatives do really believe in morality laws.

It always amazes me, every time I read any online gun debate. The progressive point of view is that some guy will be pondering a crime, and as he is preparing will discover that his gun is forbidden. Then he will say “gee, I was going to rob a bank, but I cannot use my gun to do that. I guess I will stay home instead.”

I am also amazed with the drug debate. The conservative point of view is that some guy will be pondering purchasing some drugs, will see an advertisement on television saying “just say no,” and say “Gee, I didn’t know that this stuff was bad. I guess I won’t do this anymore.”

They both believe that at some level that criminals obey the law. The law is sacred. People stop at a stop sign, not because it may be good for traffic control or because they don’t want a ticket, but because it is a stop sign and that is what you are supposed to do at stop signs.

Perhaps they can be satisfied in their quest for ever more laws by passing a law that says it is illegal to break the law, an idea a six year old can really appreciate.


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