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City-County Councilman Ed Coleman is leaving the Republican Party to become a Libertarian.

Coleman will make his official announcement today during a speech at the Columbia Club, where he will be flanked by members of the Libertarian Party of Indiana.

“This is not a decision I take lightly, nor did I come to it without deep reflection,” Coleman said in a statement released Monday by the Libertarians.

“I have found that the direction of the Republican Party has changed, and it is not the same party I joined many years ago,” he said. “Nor do I believe its current leaders truly represent the ideals that the party markets and advertises to voters.”

Vic Ryckaert, “GOP councilman goes Libertarian“, Indianapolis Star, February 17, 2009

Also covered by Radley Balko at Reason Magazine.

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“This is not change,” ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero correctly told the Associated Press. “Candidate Obama ran on a platform that would reform the abuse of state secrets, but President Obama’s Justice Department has disappointingly reneged on that important civil liberties issue.”


A Gallup Poll released February 12 revealed that 62 percent of Americans want to investigate or criminally prosecute Bush administration officials who authorized torture in the so-called “war on terror.” But even hough President Obama has said numerous times that “nobody’s above the law,” on February 10 he used the Bush administration’s “state secrets” gambit to quash a lawsuit attempting to penalize some of those involved in renditioning torture subjects.


Vice-Admiral Albert Church: US abused/tortured prisoners to death in Afghanistan

The ACLU has managed to acquire incompletely redacted Federal documents that substantiate charges that US interrogators indeed did abuse/torture prisoners to death in Afghanistan as early as 2002.

Find the documents here.


A chilling passage from the report by Vice-Admiral Albert Church:

The behavior alleged in the Deember 2002 Bagram death cases was clearly abusive, and clearly not in keeping with any approved interrogation policies or guidelines. In both instances the deaths followed interrogation sessions in which unauthorized techniques were allegedly employed, but in both cases these sessions were followed by further alleged abusive behavior outside of the interrogation booth.

The second page of the report details prisoners

being handcuffed to objects above their heads in order to keep them awake. Additionally, interrogations in both incidents involved physical violence, including kicking, beating, and the use of “compliance blows” which involved striking the PUC’s legs with the MP’s knees. In both cases, blunt force trauma to the legs was implicated in the deaths. In one case a pulmonary embolism developed as a consequence of blunt force trauma…

@ OnTheWilderSide

from Greens for Greens

CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

On the Rocks


I write these words at the end of a week in which:

A new Democratic president, Barack Obama, via his Attorney General, has explicitly endorsed Bush’s policy on renditions and Bush’s refusal to recognize the jurisdiction of US courts in any legal proceedings in this regard; also a week in which Obama’s solicitor general has explicitly endorsed Bush’s policy on enemy combatants.

I write not long after the New York Times reported that state welfare rolls are actually shrinking in months when unemployment has risen to real totals of 17 and 18 per cent – 1.7 million in Dec and Jan, hence when more and more people are in desperate straits.


I told ya….

  • William Grigg predicts that Obama will be worse than Bush.
  • obama

  • Steve Funk writes
    • Less foreign military interventionism? NOPE
    • Ending the insane war on drugs? NOPE
    • Defunding G.W. Bush’s “faith-based initiatives”? NOPE
    • Halting illegal government wiretaps and repealing FISA? NOPE
    • No more taxpayer bailouts of Wall Street and big business? NOPE
    • Cutting reckless government spending and reducing the $10+ trillion federal debt? NOPE
    • Reforming our doomed Social Security program? NOPE
    • Reducing the influence of PACs and lobbyists? NOPE
    • Lifting the Cuban trade and travel embargo? NOPE


  • Becky points out that Obama was partially responsible for the passage of gay-bashing Prop. 8 in California. He did nothing to stop pro-Prop 8 forces from calling millions of people with a recording of him saying “I believe marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian, it is also a sacred union. God is in the mix.” He did not campaign against the measure.

    Becky writes:

    Ironically, it was the huge black turnout, triggered by their enthusiasm to put [Obama] in the the White House, that ensured passage of Proposition 8. Exit polls show it was opposed by whites, Latinos were evenly split, and favored overwhelmingly by African-Americans.

(Much) more to come…..


Knappster’s post on Liberaltarians, and my comments…

“Liberaltarianism” in its 2008 regeneration simply meant that libertarians placed dismantling the Bush Administration’s catastrophic civil liberties and foreign affairs policies so much higher on the agenda than fiscal restraint (which neither conservatives nor liberals embrace today anyway) that they were willing to hold their noses, close their eyes and pull the lever for Obama — despite knowing full well what the budgetary ramifications would be.

Think of the Republicans and Democrats like the meth and heroin a junkie shoots.

Junkie gets too spun out on meth, and shoots some H to come down. Junkie gets too low with H and shoots some more meth to spin back up. It’s a toxic mix.

“placed dismantling the Bush Administration’s catastrophic civil liberties and foreign affairs policies so much higher on the agenda than fiscal restraint”

What about the Bush gang’s lack of fiscal restraint, worst since either LBJ or FDR in growth level terms, and worst ever in absolute terms? What about the Clinton gang continuing the Iraq embargo for eight years, putting more people in prison for drugs than any administration before him, proposing everything which eventually came to be in the use-a-patriot act, etc? What about Obama voting for all these kinds of policies in the Senate, and promising more of the same on the campaign trail (IE more war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, no timetable or complete withdrawal in Iraq, no marijuana legalization, etc.)

Whether you vote for a Democrat or Republican, either will make foreign policy, civil liberties, *and* government spending much worse.

Democrats as a cure for Republicans and Republicans as a cure for Democrats are both very bad ideas.

… which puts them in the position of having to deal with a whole new set of problems, this time coming from the direction that, in desperation, they endorsed.

Yes, kind of like a pit and pendulum situation.

I’ll be interested to see which ways today’s “liberaltarians” go over the next couple of years.

I suppose that would depend on which ones.

More Liberaltarianism discussion at NFV posted yesterday by Deaconstruck…



Year: —8.

An outgoing president has escalated a long conflict into full-blown war, ultimately to popular displeasure. He is not seeking re-election. His party rejects its anti-war wing and nominates a “stay the course” candidate.

The opposing party nominates, and elects, a candidate running on nebulous “new leadership will end the war and win the peace” rhetoric.

The new president introduces “bold” economic policies, including wage controls.

1968 or 2008?


Eugene McCarthy or Ron Paul?

Richard Nixon or Barack Obama?

The more things change …


Same guy? Think about it … ever seen’em together?

What does that leave? The Pope? Well, hear ya go.


Bdee, bdee, bdee….

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Free and Sexy

One of the things that has come out of meeting Doug Casey and participating in several of the Eris Society conferences over the years was getting to meet, in Aspen in 2005, Scott and Cyan Banister. My friend Sean Hastings and his wife Jo introduced us. Fun people.

Last year, Cyan started a new project called Zivity.com which I very highly recommend. It is dedicated to the ideal of feminine beauty. It is based on a very attractive business model.

You can participate by purchasing votes. Ten votes costs $10, I think. Anyway, that was during the beta test mode. When you vote for a photo set, part of the dollar goes to the model featured in the photos. Part of the dollar goes to the photographer. And part of the dollar goes to keep Zivity going.

As you can imagine, this business model has attracted a number of very fine photographers. It has also attracted some truly sexy ladies.

One of my problems with the business model during the beta test period was their use of PayPal. I do not like Paypal for many, many reasons. In my direct experience, they freeze accounts arbitrarily. Several merchants with whom I have worked have been put out of business by Paypal actions. The process for unfreezing accounts can be tedious, in the experience of these associates who have tried. I also think very little of PayPal’s approach to relations with government.

Happily, I can now fund my account directly through the simple task of sending a check along. Sweet. Problem solved.

If you’d like to see some beautiful women free themselves from clothing, give Zivity a look. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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I’ll just quote the old post, and add stuff.

  • I’m looking for more bloggers to write here. If you are interested, drop me a note in the comments.

    I’ve already added Less Antman, Robert Mayer, Matt Harris and Jim Davidson. Michelle is still signed up to write here, but has not in quite some time. I still cross-post at her blog.

What’s new: she kicked me off her blog. And she also bought LFV and removed me from the blogroll there. I haven’t kicked her off here, but I’m not exactly expecting new posts from her here.

Also posting since then: DeaconStruck, AynRKey, S. Greffenius, Peter Orvetti, Mike Seebeck, Todd Barnett. A lot of people have only done one post, so I’m hoping they’ll come back and post more. Also, I can do an “about” page for you if you want to send me a blurb. Other folks: Drop a comment if you haven’t been added to blog here yet and would like to be.

  • The about page is out of date.

    It includes some youtubes which have since expired. I haven’t done much with Crazy for Liberty or myspace in quite a while, and the Steve Kubby radio show is no more.

  • I am mostly at IPR these days. I’ve been Kicked off LFV and Michelle’s blog. Still signed up at Crazy for Liberty and TPW, as far as I know, but I have not been posting at those.

    Since I am no longer at LFV (see below), here is my about blurb that used to be listed there:

    Paulie was born in Siberia, part of the former USSR in 1972 and the USA is reminding him more of the country his parents took him out of every day. Growing up in the epicenter of the 1980s crack cocaine explosion in NYC, Paulie got caught up in the available business ventures and saw some of his friends die, and then became an activist against the drug war.

    Through his involvement in the drug peace movement, and college studies in free market environmentalism, he became interested in libertarianism, and abandoned the Democrats after they picked the military-industrial-corporate-statist DLCer and drug warrior hypocrite Bill Clinton as their nominee in 1992, thus finally disproving the idea that 60s radicals were merely infiltrating the establishment in order to change it.

    Paulie became an LP member in 1995 and a life member in 2000, and has occasionally been on the executive committee of the Alabama LP. Since 1998, he has traveled the country as a professional activist. Between that and his earlier travels in the import-export business as a teenager, he has been to 49 US states and about 20 countries, and lived in a number of them. As a life long entrepreneur, he has also started hundreds of businesses in a wide variety of fields.

    Paulie recently worked on the Steve Kubby for President campaign, has been an active member of the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus, is an advisory board member of Liberty Consulting, and hopes to start a new national College Libertarian Organizing Committee.

    He is an Anti-war, true leftist, anarchist, left libertarian, agorist, (r)evolutionary.

  • As many of you already know, I got kicked off LFV. The stated reason for doing so was

    I have the message you sent out to individuals and groups behind my back, attempting to damage my reputation and LFV’s reputation (which again, proves only that I was right to downgrade your permissions, since obviously you cannot be trusted at all). As a result of that vindictive email, which wasn’t even truthful […], I have removed you from LFV.

    Here is the only email I sent out during the timeframe in question that pertained to the situation, other than to ENM directly:

    Anyone who has issues with ENM is welcome to join me on my blog as contributors.


    I realize some of you are busy. It’s an open invitation for whenever.

    She just downgraded my status at LFV with no prior discussion/warning. I’m not too happy about that since I’ve been there longer than her, invited most of the people who write there (her included), etc.

    This is the full text of the email. Nothing in it attempts to damage anyone’s reputation, or is in any way vindictive. It went out to a very small number of people who had either been kicked off LFV before I was or left on their own, and no “groups” as ENM claims in the portion I did not reprint here (although Brian Miller later forwarded it to Outright Caucus exec comm, without asking me). It did not say anything about reasons why she downgraded my status, another false claim ENM made in her last response, after which she stopped talking to me.

  • What’s new since then: ENM sold LFV to Michelle. I informed Michelle of the above. She did not respond, but did remove me from their blogroll – most of which I put together. I also spent literally thousands of hours blogging at LFV and promoting it at other sites, talking about it in person and on the phone, writing hundreds of posts and thousands of comments (many of which could have been posts themselves); had recruited most of the people who wrote there, including ENM (but not Michelle – she was one of the few people there before me, although she more or less abandoned it for a long time).

    Of course, I have removed ENM from writing any more here. I freely admit that I made a mistake in trusting her to be a co-administrator with me both at LFV and here. I should have taken full control of LFV when I had the chance. I was on the road, with limited internet access, and foolishly put my trust in the wrong person. Luckily, she did not kick me off this site as well.

    People ENM kicked off LFV before me include Jim Davidson and Chris Bennett. Others left on their own.

    Since that time, ENM has also kicked out Todd Andrew Barnett, and as a result he is starting The Freeman Chronicles, another group blog I have been invited to and might join.

    As for my original offenses:

    1) I did not volunteer information about my criminal history. True, but she never asked me. She says she “did ask” me, by way of asking why I was trying to dissuade her from publishing a hit piece about Gary Fincher. However, since my reasons were at that time stated completely and truthfully, and had nothing to do with my criminal past, this is erroneous. I don’t exactly hide that I have a criminal past, either:

    No, I have not always been a good person. I have lied, stolen, cheated, swindled, literally beaten the shit out of people, just about every bad thing you can think of I have done. No, I am not proud of doing these things. No, I don’t have a time machine. I apologize to everyone that my deeds as well as my words have hurt.

    2) I published some articles about top search terms used to find LFV, what articles were being read the most, what links LFV readers clicked the most on, and top referring sites to LFV. She says that “anyone with any common sense” would not have published those. I described what I did to several people, and not one of them thought there was anything wrong in publishing what I did. If anyone is curious, I can publish the same sort of information for this blog.

    3) In the aforementioned exchange regarding Gary Fincher, she claims I was “repeatedly, intentionally abusive” to her. This is completely false. I have the email exchange saved and can prove that I was not abusive. If she took it that way, it was most certainly not due to any intention on my part.

    Since I’m now publishing this here, she may well say I am provoking her into publishing an article about some of my criminal history. If she does, I’ll consider it a violation of my privacy, and a way of making it easier for an experienced and trained killer who has publicly and explicitly threatened to kill me and feed my corpse to his dogs to find me. I consider respect for privacy to be a two way street.

    What’s new: ENM did not publish it, but Sean Haugh did at LFA.

    For my response, see Personal note: of saints and sinners

    What’s new since the response: Not a whole hell of a lot. I’m mostly over the holiday blues, thanks to some nice folks who called me and talked me down from going on a crack and hookers binge and holing up in the county jail for the winter. I appreciate y’all. Health and career are still mostly in the toilet, but both with some signs of upcoming improvement.

    And now, for something completely different, in the spirit of St. Valentine’s day:

    And, courtesy of Delaware Libertarian:


    Yeah, I’m hating, no doubt.

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