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Lessons Learned

My part is short. I am starting this topic here because I would like to see a thoroughgoing critique of all aspects of the ballot access initiatives of third party candidates. I am particularly concerned about the failures of the Barr campaign and the Libertarian Party to obtain 50 state ballot access.

It seems to me that libertarians knew going in what states were tough. And not enough was done. But I am not the expert. Paulie and his associates are.

There were failures not only in effect, but in practice. I think there was an ethical failure that Angela O’Dell didn’t get paid for her petition work in West Virginia by the Barr campaign.

There were a number of other failures in regard to petition gathering, ballot access project management, and I’d like to look at all of those failures.

Why? If we learn from the past, while it is fresh in our minds, we can plan better for the future. I’d like to see it.

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