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A few months ago, after once again trying and failing to help a family member understand my Libertarian point of view, I had the thought that if only there was a really short book, like 100 pages, on the practical basics, I could give it to the interested but skeptical, those who were open to the ideas but not likely to read a 400-page tome. I know there are a couple like this — David Bergland’s book springs to mind — but I decided to try my hand at writing one. I didn’t get very far, since I realized I had nothing new to say, and wasn’t saying the old stuff very well.

I’m a nonideological Libertarian. I’m a member of the LP because it is the established political party closest to my views. I like freedom, but I’m not annoyed by government roads and national parks. Still, the Libertarian book that has influenced me the most is Dr. Mary Ruwart’s “Healing Our World — essentially an anarchist text, but one that presents Libertarianism from a peaceful, humanistic perspective that I found original on first read and still find refreshing.

What are some of the Libertarian books that have influenced you the most? Which would you recommend to a newcomer or an inquirer? Which would you not recommend?

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