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Do you always have some slut on your arm?

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I’m trying to encourage a trend.


If you have any other pictures you would like to submit, come on over and post them.



[ Phil Maloney, AKA Mr. Subliminal, enters the lobby of his workplace ]

Secretary: Mr. Maloney! Thank goodness you’re here, Mr. Smythe is hopping mad!

Phil Maloney: You’re kidding.

Secretary: Your subliminal advertising campaign was due yesterday!

Phil Maloney: Oh, boy.. that subliminal advertising campaign! Geez, you know, I forgot all about that – Your fault – but, I’m here now, so I might as well go see him.

Secretary: Well, uh, he’s on the phone. You’ll have to wait a second.

Phil Maloney: Okay. Boy, he’s going to be steaming – Your fault – but, that’s the way it goes.

Secretary: Well, uh, I guess I should have reminded you, Mr. Maloney.

Phil Maloney: No, no, not at all – Your fault – but, hey, you know what? That’s awful nice of you to share the blame – Your fault – seeing that I don’t hardly even know you.

Secretary: Well, I’ll tell him you’re here.

Phil Maloney: Okay. I don’t think he’ll be too mad – Your fault – but I can handle it.

Secretary: Okay. [ picks up the phone ] Mr. Smythe? Mr. Maloney is here.

Mr. Smythe: [ on phone ] Well, it’s about time!

Secretary: Actually, Sir, I think I really should apologize. I think it was my fault. [ Maloney tries to shoo her apology down ] I mean, I must have gave him the wrong deadline, or something..

Mr. Smythe: [ on phone ] Well, get your act together, and send him out here – pronto!

Secretary: Yes, Sir. [ to Maloney ] Go right in, Mr. Maloney.

Phil Maloney: Okay. [ leaning over ] Hey, do me a favor.. call me “Phil” – Hot Sex – you know, you seem like the kind of gal – Hot Sex – that I’d like to get to know a little bit better.

Secretary: Oh, no, no, Mr. Maloney.. I’m married, don’t even think about it.

Phil Maloney: Oh. Well, maybe we can just be friends – Hot Sex – and leave it at that.

Secretary: Maybe!

[ Maloney enters Mr. Smythe’s office ]

Phil Maloney: Sorry I’m late, Mr. Smythe.

Mr. Smythe: No, no, it’s not your fault! It’s that new gal we have up front. But it still doesn’t let you off the hook for that subliminal advertising campaign! I’m going to have to call you on the carpet for that one!

Phil Maloney: Yes, I’m sorry about that, Sir – No Rush – I’ll get to it immediately – No Rush – in fact, as soon as I get back to me office.

Mr. Smythe: No, take your time. Sit down, Maloney. [ Maloney sits ] You know, it’s the strangest thing. I’ve been reviewing your work record.. and it appears that since I’ve hired you for that subliminal advertising campaign, you haven’t done a lick of work, and yet everybody downstairs just raves about you.

Phil Maloney: Well, they’re a great bunch of guys – Idiots – a nice team. Let me ask you this, Sir, while I’m here – Mets Tickets – How do you manage to make this company so successful? – Mets Tickets – Because, as you know, you do.

Mr. Smythe: Ah, it’s just a lot of hard work and calculated risks.

Phil Maloney: Well, if that’s the formula – Mets Tickets – I’m gonna follow it.

Mr. Smythe: Maloney, you can’t go wrong with it.

Phil Maloney: No, sirree – Mets Tickets – not a chance!

Mr. Smythe: You know, it just occurred to me – I’ve got some Mets Tickets here. [ picks them up ] Would you like them? [ hands them to Maloney ]

Phil Maloney: Well, thank you very much, Sir! That’s awful nice of you – Company Car – but I don’t have a way down to the stadium – Company Car – Well, I’ll figure something out.

Mr. Smythe: Nonsense! Why don’t you take the company car? Here’s the keys. [ hands Maloney the keys ]

Phil Maloney: Well, that’s very generous of you, Sir – Promotion – you know, I really, really, really enjoy working here – Promotion – I mean, with all the surprises, who could complain?

Mr. Smythe: Maloney, you’re a good man. I’m gonna give you a promotion. Effective immediately. From here on, you’re in charge of the entire Eastern division.

Phil Maloney: Well, thank you very much, Sir! – Vacation! – Wow! I can’t believe my ears! The entire Eastern division! – Vacation! – Wow!

Mr. Smythe: Before you start that, though, why don’t you take a nice, long vacation? I want you to be all riled up for the job.

Phil Maloney: God thinking, Sir.

Mr. Smythe: Thanks. Now, go on, get out of here. I’ve got a lot of work to do.

Phil Maloney: Thank you, Sir.

[ Maloney exits back to the reception area, where the secretary is waiting for him ]

Secretary: Phil? I thought about it, and I think I’d like to get to know you better.

Phil Maloney: Great! That’s great! – Your Treat – Maybe we could go out to dinner tonight – Your Treat – if you feel like it.

Secretary: That’s a good idea. You know, I don’t usually do this, but.. can I treat?

Phil Maloney: Well, gee, now there’s something I don’t hear often. Sure, I guess – Four Seasons – but let’s go somewhere casual – Four Seasons – we’ll just take it easy tonight.

Secretary: No. I would love to take you to the Four Seasons Restaurant!

Phil Maloney: Four Season Restaurant?! That’s kind of expensive, isn’t it? Well, if you insist – Garter Belt – but let’s just dress casual, you know – Push-Up Bra – nothing fancy.

Secretary: [ seductively ] Okay, that’s a good idea.

Phil Maloney: Wait a minute.. look. You dress however you like – Push-Up Bra – I just thought..

Secretary: No, casual’s fine. In fact, I know exactly what I’m going to wear!

Phil Maloney: Great! And if we finish dinner early – Hot Sex – maybe we’ll go back to my apartment – Hot Sex – and watch some television?

Secretary: Okay! I guess.

Phil Maloney: And if this whole thing works out – Hot Sex – maybe I’ll call you again – Don’t Hold Your Breath – okay?
Secretary: Okay, great! Bye!

[ Maloney exits the reception area as the secretary sits down, dazed ]

Mr. Subliminal writes a personal ad
Date: 2003-06-06, 3:48PM EDT


I am a self-employed (unemployed), charismatic (manipulative), 25 (23) year old. I am pretty busy (lazy) and I don’t really have time (money, friends) to go out and do the whole dating thing.

I am looking for a confident (kinky), mature (kinky) woman who has a great sense of humor and big (breasts) dreams, knows what she is looking for (sex) and isn’t afraid to (moan) say it.

I am really smart (nerdy), in great (pear) shape and have (bad breath) a great smile. I am really only looking for a friend (lover) to start out with. I can take things (sex) slow and move at (my) your speed.

So if are looking to meet (me) other people and get out of the house (stay in the bedroom), drop me a line and a (nude) picture and let’s (make out) chat (all night long) for a bit.

more of best of craigslist : boston

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by Ayn R Key

At the 2008 Libertarian Party convention, the Reform Caucus beat the Libertarian Caucus. Mainstream libertarians are not represented on the 2008 Libertarian Party presidential ticket. It would have been a good move on the part of the Reform Caucus to sponsor a unity ticket with a prominent member of the Libertarian Caucus in the Vice Presidential Candidate slot. Failing to think strategically the Reform Caucus wanted their victory over the Libertarian Caucus to be thorough. Now the result is a weakened candidate. There is much discontent within Libertarian Party ranks over this ticket.

Bob Barr is campaigning for votes outside the Libertarian Party. What he is neglecting is that he should be campaigning for votes inside the Libertarian Party as well. The Reform Caucus has, by choosing victory over strategy, alienated a large portion of the Libertarian Party. The reaction from the candidate himself has been “I’m the candidate so you will vote for me.” The reaction from the Reform Caucus has been to accuse everyone who hasn’t warmly and happily embraced the ticket of being sore losers, wanting to destroy the party, et cetera. The truth is that by placing victory at the convention over strategy, the Reform Caucus is more guilty of trying to fracture the party than the disenfranchised Libertarian Caucus is.

Barr does need to spend time advertising to the base. He is neglecting that duty, relying on “you have to vote for me” to get the votes from the base. Libertarians are notorious for rejecting calls for “you have to vote for me” as a substantial portion of libertarians are converts from major parties and those converts realized that they don’t have to vote for the candidate of the party. It doesn’t matter that the hated other party will win if the candidate for the party is just as bad. That’s not to say that Barr is as bad as Obama or McCain – he most certainly is not as bad as them. The question resolves to is he good enough to get the vote of those who will actually analyze a candidate instead of showing blind party loyalty.

Do you agree with this analysis of the facts?

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I HATE Wal-Mart

I really do.

This has been a tough week financially for my family so I had to ask my mom to loan me a few bucks til payday so we’d have gas money.

She went to Wal-Mart in Talladega and bought a Wal-Mart Money Gram from the Wal-Mart Money Center. She filled in all of the necessary info and popped it in the mail to me. It arrived today.

So, I have a cheap dinner all planned in my head for the family tonight and gas money left over. I pick my husband up from work and break the devastating news that he will have to endure a Wal-Mart stop before he can make it home.

We go into the Wal-Mart in Alexander City to get the money order cashed at the Wal-Mart Money Center. I waited in line for oh say 25 minutes before I finally get to the desk. When I get up there and present my money order I am told that Wal-Mart Money Center cannot cash a Wal-Mart Money Gram because that Wal-Mart Money Gram is made out to me and not to Wal-Mart.

I said, “Huh? Wal-Mart sold this money order to my mother who then sent it to me. What do you mean you won’t cash your own Money order?”

Stupid Wal-Mart Bovine: “Well its made out to you…not us.”

Seriously Irate Loretta Nall: “Yeah but your company issued the money order. Why on earth would someone buy a money order from Wal-Mart and then turn around and make the money order out to Wal-Mart?

Stupid Wal-Mart Bovine: “Well she should have left the payee part blank. It’s like a third party check now.”

Seriously Irate Loretta Nall: “Yeah…like you are gonna buy a money order and fill in everything but who it is payable to and pop it in the mail. You’d do that right? It is nothing like a third party check at all because YOU KNOW the money is there because I wouldn’t have this money order that WAL-Mart Money center issued if she had not paid for it. This can’t be right. Call me a manager.”

Stupid Wal-Mart Bovine calls a Customer Service Manager, which is nothing more than a glorified cashier, and not a manager at all. It just so happened to be one that I never cared for when I worked in that hell hole. She starts spouting off the same nonsense about it has to be made out to Wal-Mart.

Stroke Level Loretta Nall: “So, what you are saying is that Wal-Mart only cashes money orders that they issue if they are made out to Wal-Mart? Why would anyone buy a Wal-Mart money order and then make the damn thing out to Wal-Mart? Does Wal-Mart explain all of this when they sell these money orders? Do they tell customers that they should send blank money orders in the mail? No one in their right mind would send a blank money order in the mail. The Post Office cashes the money orders they issue. I don’t understand why you won’t honor your own money order.”

CSM Bovine: “Yadda yadda ydadda the rules …blah blah blah.”

She started getting that smartass tone to her voice and I had to give her a refresher course in good customer service, as in “Don’t get smart with me you bitch I pay your salary.” I didn’t say bitch but it was strongly implied. I also reminded her that she is NOT a MANAGER, which is what I requested, and I still wanted to see a manager…not a cashier.

When the manager whose name was ‘Nannie’ showed up I could take no more. I just turned around and left before my fractured nerves caused me to lose it and pummel every-fuckin-body in the store.

So, tonight we are eating Ramen donated by a friend who we gave a ride home and tomorrow we will be riding on fumes.

Goddamn I HATE WAL-MART and after today I don’t believe I will ever shop there again if I can avoid it.

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George Bush recently sent a video message to the US troops fighting in Afghanistan:

“I must say, I’m a little envious,” Bush said. “If I were slightly younger and not employed here, I think it would be a fantastic experience to be on the front lines of helping this young democracy succeed.”

“It must be exciting for you … in some ways romantic, in some ways, you know, confronting danger. You’re really making history, and thanks,” Bush said.

He added, “Boy do I regret missing out on all the romance and adventure during the Vietnam War! I totally chickened out! I guess, deep down, I’m just afraid of love. That, and landmines.”

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The Boston Tea Party has nominated Presidential candidate Charles Jay and VP Candidate Tom Knapp. The BTP hopes to be on the ballot in about ten states this year, and more in years to come.

Robert Milnes, who was defeated for the BTP nomination, vowed to fight on as an independent candidate for POTUS:

Well, everybody, I concede my defeat in BTP. & yes, time is short. However I am going to continue an independent campaign. I still need your support. I hope to get enough support to go to Oklahoma & try to get Indian voter registration and ballot petitioning. Then go to Chicago to try to get the Green nomination. Then on to CA to help my disabled friend get squared away & try what has worked before: camping & gold mining in the National Forest, to shake depression. From there I can still run an internet campaign. I had Starband ISP before. This time I’d like to try ATT/MagicJack with laptop. I still need a campaign manager & southern woman libertarian vp to complement the ticket. Tom & Tamara have declined. & I need a laptop! So go to robertmilnes.net & spread the word. Remember, Bob Milnes is no Teddy Roosevelt. & Bob Milnes is no Bob Dole. But Bob Milnes will do better than second place-with less! & Bob Milnes does not have E.D.! & Bob Milnes is still in to win!

Meantime, Jim Casarjian-Perry has left the Libertarian Party, calling LP nominee Bob Barr a two faced liar, and has filed official paperwork with the state to create a new Liberty Party in Massachusetts.

And, yes, lest anyone forget, Bob Barr is still running for POTUS as the nominee of the Libertarian Party.

Finally, I’ve heard a rumor that Arkansas LP Chair Gerhardt Langguth, who is the only known Imperato supporter in the LP, plans to put Imperato on the ballot as the LP POTUS candidate in Arkansas.

I think competition is a good thing in politics, just like in business. However, before we head too far down that path, here is a glimpse at what the future of libertarian political parties might look like.


TPW reports

Libertarians decided not to pick the punk rocker who, in The New Yorker’s words, “looks like one of the good guys in ‘Braveheart,’ a brawny warrior with terrifying hair.” But Fran Powers has a back-up plan:

“I have to be more personal, I have to be more myself,” he said. “The Libertarians just want to talk dogma. That was my undoing.” But he had no intention of dropping out of the race. He was planning, he said, to start a new party, called the Free Party, “as in, the free party—get it?”

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Anarchist Bitch

LB is a master of photoshop hate.

Luka Skywalker meets her father, Darth Herr Vader.

LOL. Very mean, but very funny. But, the real question: could it be true?

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This was posted at United Liberty. The code there says it is by Shana Kluck, although I got an identical email signed by Austin Wilkes. I am posting this for discussion purposes, not necessarily endorsing Barr. I know this disclaimer will be ignored by some Barr haters, just as my disclaimer on TPW that I was not necessarily taking a stance by posting Marc Montoni’s questions was ignored by some Barr supporters. -p

When Ron Paul was asked by Reason Magazines’s Dave Weigel about write-in ballots, he had this to say-

I don’t think that’s very productive,” Paul said of a write-in campaign. “They could do it, of course, but in most of the states it won’t count. If they can change the rules in a primary and not count all the votes, imagine what they could do with write-in votes!”

Marc Gallagher at LibertyMaven.com chronicles the discussion going on at RonPaulForums regarding who Ron Paul supporters plan on voting for-

What is most interesting, at least among the Ron Paul faithful who frequent Ron Paul Forums, is that in a forum poll asking “Who will you vote for?” with over 200 respondents about 34% said they’d be writing in Ron Paul (second place). The winner of the poll was Bob Barr with about 39%. In a distant third was Chuck Baldwin with 21%. Perhaps also of note is that Barack Obama received more votes (9) than John McCain (3). Ralph Nader was last with 2 votes.

Ron Paul’s penchant for bringing together a wide political spectrum of supporters is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing when the candidate is Ron Paul. Once Ron Paul exits the race, his free thinking voters split apart. They can unite behind a message, but veer apart when deciding who should carry that message.

Gallagher goes on to explain why he has chose to support Barr-

Read more about the shiny side of Barr’s record below.

  • “In the 107th Congress when Ron Paul stood up for our sovereignty against the United Nations (Roll Call votes 245 and 246), it was Bob Barr who supported him … just as Barr supported Paul in cutting corporate welfare by limiting funding for the Export-Import Bank.”
  • “Barr is a co-sponsor of H. Res. 197, ‘Stop U.N. Gun Ban.’”
  • “Barr supports H.R. 2615 ‘Stop National Medical ID and the Patient Privacy Protection Act.’”
  • “Barr is a leading defender of civil liberties. He introduced legislation that forces the National Security Agency’s Project ECHELON to provide a full accounting to the Congress of their covert monitoring of millions of phone calls, faxes, and emails.”
  • “He led the fight against National ID Card proposals and introduced legislation in 1998 to check the federal government’s abuse of wire-tapping laws — including the use of roving wiretaps — and also opposed governmental interception of cellular phone calls.”
  • “He introduced legislation to mandate that the federal government issue ‘Privacy Impact Statements’ every time it issues a new rule or regulation.”
  • “He was a chief sponsor of a law to limit abuses of the civil asset forfeiture statutes.”
  • “He fought against OSHA regulations and to limit small business vulnerability to frivolous labor litigation.”
  • “He is a board member of the National Rifle Association, and a staunch defender of the right of Americans to own and use firearms. He has introduced and sponsored legislation to block litigation against gun manufacturers for the acts of their customers and to limit any background checks and mandate they be conducted ‘instantly.’”
  • “Barr has succinctly advocated the principle that while criminals must be punished to the full extent of the law, their civil liberties must be protected with even more vigor.”
  • “He is a staunch defender of American sovereignty and opposes the executive branch’s overzealous use of our military abroad he even filed suit against President Clinton’s war in Kosovo without congressional approval.”
  • “He is a fierce critic of the United Nations — and to a lesser degree NATO — and has consistently supported efforts to withdraw U.S. membership from the United Nations.”
  • “He co-sponsored a committee amendment to withdraw the U.S. from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.”
  • “Since his first day in Congress back in 1995, Barr has tirelessly fought to eliminate the Internal Revenue Code, supported the “flat tax” proposal, and consistently supported passage of a constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds supermajority of Congress to raise taxes.”
  • “He was an early supporter of lowering the capital gains tax and recently he introduced legislation to provide tax credits for educators: public, private, and home school.”
  • “More than any other member of the Georgia delegation, Congressman Barr has parted with the Republican majority to vote against bloated “pork barrel” spending.”
  • “He has continually fought the unconstitutional [McCain/Feingold] ‘campaign finance reforms.’ Defending our fundamental rights, he has filed a lawsuit to prevent implementation of the recently passed legislation.”


These are some of the reasons Liberty Maven is supporting Bob Barr for President. The added benefits are that he has name recognition, he has the potential for pulling in more disaffected conservatives than other candidates, and he is getting the requisite media attention for spreading the liberty message to the masses.

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At IPR, Peter Orvetti asks

In keeping with IPR’s mission of “providing a forum for the intelligent discussion” of alternative parties and candidates in addition to providing news coverage, today I have a question for such candidates: How do you do it?

This is something I have often wondered while watching Libertarian Party national nomination races, as folks like Michael Jingozian, Christine Smith, Daniel Imperato, Michael Badnarik, Barry Hess, etc. etc., criss-crossed the country attending state conventions. Other parties’ candidates like Kat Swift have done the same. What I’m wondering: How do folks without a big organization behind them, without a big pile of money, and with the need to earn a living and hold a job, manage to find the time and resources for these long efforts?

I would love to hear from such candidates and those who were involved in, or closely followed, such campaigns.

My reply:

Not a candidate, but I went to about 15 LP state conventions for Kubby (way more than he was able to go to unfortunately).

How I do it: Step one, I have a job where I make my own hours (gathering signatures) and I finance most of my own travel.

Step two, I usually pick conventions which are near where I am working. Since I travel for work anyway, that allows me to cover some ground.

Step three, I ask for money. I got several contributions for the Kubby campaign (I was also promoting the Radical Caucus, and some of them gave me money) but as I mentioned, my own contributions to myself were more than the rest combined. Probably by more than an order of magnitude.

Step four, I share resources. That means things like riding in a van with Chris Bennett, his wife and kids. It means things like sleeping on the floor in a motel room with several other people after I asked around at the convention who may be able to arrange something like that for me (Chuck Moulton, Jim Davidson, and others were helpful on many occassions). It even means getting help from other campaigns, like when George Phillies gave me a ride from MA to CT, or let me use his suite in Denver to store my bags and get cleaned up.

Step five, I get freebies. Most of the conventions let me in for free. A few also paid for my meals and/or motel rooms. Some of the rides didn’t charge me anything.

Step six, I economize. When I can’t get a ride, I usually go greyhound. The only convention I flew to was Denver.

Step seven, I help out. For example, I helped Julie Fox with setup at Wisconsin, and she helped me out by comping my convention fee, motel room and lunch. She also gave me a ride from Illinois to Wisconsin.

Using these methods I was able to attend

2007 AL, GA, TN, NC, FL, MA, NH, Pittsburgh LNC meeting

2008 CA, NV, NY, CT, KS/MO, WI, MN, AL, local and state exec comm meetings in AZ, IL, MA, UT, and Denver.

By the way, anyone want to share a room for the Green convention in Chicago (or put me up if you live there)? I’d ask for a ride, but I don’t know where I’ll be coming from – maybe Alabama. Contributions would also be appreciated.

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From republican to libertarian to anarchist- a natural progression for the somewhat intelligent

I’ve long questioned man’s desire to control another through governmental coercion. Right, left, up or down on the political spectrum matters for nothing as representatives on all sides attempt, albeit in different ways, to control their fellow men by theft and regulation. For several years I associated with the Libertarian Party because I thought it might be a group working toward the dissolution of such coercion. But, after watching some of my fellow party members be corrupted into becoming that which we were supposed to be fighting, I recognized that any person or group attempting to change the system from the inside will undoubtedly sell out to play the political game. Nowhere was that more evident than the Libertarian Party national convention hosted in May in the fine city of Denver.

It was not without a little heartache that I concluded that political parties- even the LP- are the antithesis of a free heart and mind and I left. Of course, I didn’t leave the many friends that I made over the years; I just left behind the silliness of ballot access fund raising drives and water board/ dog catcher electoral successes.

My time within the LP wasn’t wasted though. I evolved to my present position because of those years of reading and study and today understand that the ideal world would be one of free market anarchy. Please don’t misunderstand me. I fully recognize that some people would want some sort of governing and I support the right to that through a voluntary association. But, it is a violation of my right to live in liberty if you force your form of government upon me and I just can’t live with that contradiction anymore.

So, here I am with a new blog. I may still write from time to time at my old libertarian site because I do believe that libertarianism and anarchism are not incompatible. (If you knew how many people to whom I explained anarchy after they researched the beginning of the LP…) I hope you enjoy it here and visit often but it won’t be something I write my congressman over.

pauliecannoli said, on June 18th, 2008 at 9:22 pm

I’ve been an anarchist since 2000.

I might have left the LP long before now except for two things

1) I became a life member in 2000 (a few months before becoming an anarchist)

2) It’s a major client for work.

Between those two things, I keep getting dragged back to try to make it better, and am continuously disappointed.

I had a pretty evolved plan to concentrate my efforts in what I thought would be a more productive direction, but they fell through right after Denver.

Those two more or less simultaneous disappointments had me in a pretty bad funk for a few weeks. I’m just now getting back to the point where I can even work.

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at IPR about a LP press release, Tom Knapp says:

From the shiny new LP platform:

“Protecting the environment requires a clear definition and enforcement of individual rights in resources like land, water, air, and wildlife.”


“While energy is needed to fuel a modern society, government should not be subsidizing any particular form of energy. ”

So why an LP press release talking about “our” natural resources … and supporting handing them over as a corporate subsidy so that “we” can increase oil production?

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
The LP has multiple personality disorder
And so does the LP.

Hint: Socializing risk while privatizing profit is NOT “the free market.”

Good point.

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No, but it just might be at Pearl Harbor, Hawai’i.

Details here, here, and here.

Astute readers may remember the 2006 Libertarian Party national convention in Portland, which drew only 300 or so attendees, the lowest number since 1973, and managed to delete three fourths of the 2004 platform after the delegates were not provided a copy of the then-current platform. Some may also recall the California LP convention on board a cruise ship.

Those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it.

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via http://freestudents.blogspot.com

Here is your chance to do something good.

Vince Miller, the founder and president of the International Society for Individual Liberty has been hospitalized with pneumonia. He was very weak when taken in and his oxygen levels were so low, due to his lungs being congested with fluid, that he was at high risk of heart failure.

Vince has been a tireless worker in the trenches to further social and economic freedom. He has done so with little desire for recognition or reward.

Vince, who will be 70 in a few months, was not able to get insurance due to his age. So the hospital bills will come out of his meager pocket.

Hospital care has been excellent and the hospital has not hassled him regarding payments in any way. But some of his friends would like to take up a collection to help with these bills. Because his condition was so serious he is still in the hospital and has been since last Thursday. We know the quality of care that he has received doesn’t come cheap. So far we don’t have a figure from the hospital but we anticipate it will be substantial.

I’m asking my readers to consider helping out with this hospital bill. You can do so two different ways. One is that you can call Jim Elwood at 1 800 326 0996 and tell him you’d like to make a donation to Vince’s expenses. ISIL can process a credit card donation directly on your behalf. As a charity donations through ISIL do qualify for tax credits. Or you can go to the ISIL website and make an on-line donation. Just be sure to go down to the button that says “general donation” otherwise the funds are earmarked for other purposes and can’t be used.

A large number of my readers are, like myself, advocates of private charity. Here is a good opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. Those who also advocate state charity can just pretend they got a tax increase and donate as well. The advantage for them is that this donation, unlike their tax proceeds, won’t get siphoned off for waging war, funding the war on drugs, paying to strip people of their civil liberties, etc. The donation is 100% guaranteed to pay for the actual medical care required by someone in need.

We know the cost will be in the thousands. We just don’t know how many thousands. Even small donations add up quickly and I doubt any reader here actually couldn’t make at least a $25 donation. Clearly substantial donations will be needed to pay for this medical care but any donation is greatly appreciated. Thanks, please do what you know is right.


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Me, GE and ENM on the radio

listen here

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