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From the desk of Steve Kubby

Fellow Activists,

MSNBC will be there, so will the Associated Press and NPR. CSPAN will probably cover 2-3 days of the event continuously. Fox and CNN will have their own coverage as well. This is easily the premiere media opportunity of the year for our movement. Best of all, it will be YOUR best opportunity to be seen and heard by millions of TV viewers — less than three months from today!

Make no mistake, the media WILL want to hear from YOU, because we will all be there — as OFFICIAL DELEGATES — to do something historic and compelling. We are going to put a medical marijuana patient on the national presidential ballot for this November.

YOUR opinion will matter to the media, because we will arrange for
you to become a credentialed DELEGATE to the 2008 Libertarian
National Convention and the media will be fascinated by the idea of a Med MJ patient winning the nomination and going on to the November ballot. The media will be looking for folks like you to explain what it all means.

The convention will be held in Denver, Colorado over Memorial Day
weekend from May 22 to May 26, 2008. During that time, nearly 1,000 delegates from around the nation will gather to select their
presidential and vice presidential nominees. Obviously, the more
activists who show up and are issued credential as a Kubby Delegate, the more certain our ability to make me the next presidential candidate for the third largest party in the US.

If you are an activist, patient, or supporter of medical marijuana
and/or full legalization of cannabis, we will get Liberatarian Party
credentials issued to you as a delegate, with full voting powers.
All you need to do is contact.

See below for details.

Let freedom grow,

Steve Kubby


Dear Steve,

All Delegates in the Libertarian Party are uncommitted. This means
people from any state can vote for whoever they want for the
presidential nomination. Also most states will agree to seat
delegates from other states to vote even if they are not from that state. In the history of the Libertarian Party all those that show up and are members are almost always seated and allowed to vote.

Those that want to vote for the Presidential Nominee at the
Libertarian National Convention in Denver on May 22-26 must join the party now at http://www.lp.org for a small fee, sign the non-aggression pledge and contact us so we can help you register to vote as a Libertarian in your state.

If Medical Marijuana activists from across the country want to run a Medical Marijuana patient for president of the United States as the nominee of the largest third party in the country with the best ballot access of all the third parties. All they have to do is join the party is register.

Not only that, but Libertarians already in the party will be so happy that you joined just to vote for your candidate, it will sway them to vote for your candidate too, because they want a candidate that can grow the party. They set it up so the nomination will be taken by the person that brings the most people to the convention. In fact that is why Libertarians run a presidential candidate. They want to use the automatic media attention that person will get to grow the party.

Also, once you join, we will help you immediately contact your state Libertarian Party and confirm you will be seated as a delegate even before you get to the convention.

Mark Selzer
Current alternate to the California Libertarian Party Executive
Past Southern Vice Chair for 3 terms in California
Past alternate to the Libertarian National Committee
Past Candidate for the Libertarian Party
Producer of the Libertarian Alternative www.LibertarianAlternative.org

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By Request

I’m not sure I should identify the requestor, and I certainly should
not identify the author of this image.

By the way, I’m not trying to be mean. I met Mr. Jackson in
Las Vegas, and he was a nice fellow from what I can tell. I’ve also met and talked one on one with all the other Liberty Decides
qualifying candidates and I don’t hate any of them. This is just supposed to be a lighthearted parody as a followup to

Liberty Decides


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