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I realize this is a bit of a “dog bites man” headline for those who have followed Susan’s criticism of LPHQ and the current LNC over the last few years, but Susan is running for LNC At Large this year, and has specifically referenced this as a reason for running. If other LNC candidates would like their positions on issues of party management covered, let me know in the comments.

From Susan’s Blog

New LP press release: Fear-mongering – oh, the irony!

Re: the latest LP press release – available here:


I think the LP really needs to concentrate on spreading the positive word about the LP and the LP's candidates, not on ankle-biting or heel-snapping at various members of other political parties who are engaging in their own primaries. Yes, the Republican race is full of bozos. So is the Democratic primary. We know that. If we’re going to start running an ad-critiquing service, we should just give up the political party facade and call ourselves the Libertarian Institute. What next – will the LP will critique the fear-mongering anti-immigration ad of another Republican candidate? Somehow I think that is not likely to happen.

I'd like to see the LP stop acting like the dissident wing of the Republican Party and instead focus on powerful positive messages of our own. This release says … well, I guess I was going to say it said nothing positive about the Libertarian Party, but on a second read – it says nothing about the LP at all.

Really! Observe these lines from the release and tell me you don’t see the irony:

“It’s morally repugnant,” says Libertarian Party National Media Coordinator Andrew Davis, “That’s all there is to it. Scare tactics are what Americans are trying to leave behind with the Bush administration—not continue for another four years.”

“… This should be a good indication of the society we’ll live in should Giuliani be elected as President. It will be a society where war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.”

What exactly is that second paragraph if not 'scare tactics'? If you find it 'morally repugnant', don't engage in it – though I really don't think it rises to anything more than simple political hackery, and that 'morally repugnant' should be a term reserved for actual policy proposals – like restricting the free and peaceful movement of people across borders or saying that bombing a city is an option that should be 'on the table'.

And, of course, the LP evidences its impeccably poor sense of timing. Attacking Giuliani is rather pointless right now, it seems.

Mostly, I just want to see the national staff talking about the Libertarian Party and its messages. A release – or, better, a statement from the Chair – describing the LP's positive message of peace and freedom would be miles above an attack that can only be described as irrelevantly hypocritical. We missed a golden opportunity to call for an end to interventionism and empire on the heels of Bhutto's death. This frustrating lack of leadership regarding staying on message and focused on libertarianism rather than pretending to be Republican Lite or Republican Classic is one reason I am running for a seat on the LNC.

In other news, Susan would like you to know that she is not Daniel Imperato’s friend, is not happy with
LNC (Southeast US) Region 4 Representative Bob Barr donating money to various Republicans running for Congress and President through his PAC last year, and that she is for the children.

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Leno invited Ron Paul on his show for a second time due to the FAUX/fixed news exclusion of Ron Paul from a debate forum on Sunday.

In a move that had many people to protest


Boycott FAUX, fakes news Fuehrer Murdoch

may have experienced the phenomenon of blowback that NSGOP henchman Adolf Giuliani pretends to be unfamiliar with here:

The boycott was even joined by the official
, who withdrew their sponsorship of the FAUX debate.

During part of the Leno appearance (see first clip above), Ron Paul said Dennis Kucinich is his favorite candidate among the Democrats and that they often are the only two members of the House to vote the right way on peace and civil liberties issues.

The feeling is mutual.

Fakes News stooges like Hannity can expect this type of treatment everywhere they go now:





Here is an accurate review of the Leno appearance I received in myspace bulletins. The author was not identified.

Ron Paul, muffled by Fox, wows Jay Leno
Last week, Mike Huckabee gave up the last half-day of campaigning for the Iowa Republican caucus and flew to Burbank, Calif., to appear on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” Next day, Huckabee won.

So tonight, the night before the big New Hampshire primary, Ron Paul tried to pull a Huckabee. He flew all the way across the country for his own second appearance with Jay. And Leno, now a developing political kingmaker, greeted him with a most sympathetic hearing. You can see it on your NBC stations in a couple of hours. Paul’s supporters, who financed a new eight-state ad blitz for their man, will be very happy with tonight’s program.

It’s not easy for a 72-year-old, 10-term congressman from Texas, who once before ran for president on the Libertarian ticket, to get much media attention. He’s been polling a long time in single digits. But then a couple of things happened. Paul’s thousands of outspoken, fervent followers set a new one-day fundraising record and reaped almost $20 million for him in the fourth quarter, likely more than any other GOP candidate. Then last week Paul came in fifth in Iowa with 10%, a lot better than the 4% of Rudy Giuliani, who’d criticized Paul strongly in an early debate.

But the best thing that happened to Paul in recent days was that despite his $20 million and his 10% showing in New Hampshire polls, Fox News excluded Paul from its Sunday night Republican debate with the big five — Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Huckabee, Mitt Romney and John McCain. So Paul gets 10% in Iowa and gets excluded, but Rudy gets 4% and sits on the left end of the Fox Box desk. Hmmm.

There was quite an uproar and the New Hampshire GOP withdrew its sponsorship of the debate. Paul supporters, mocking the network’s “Fair and Balanced” motto, flooded Fox with protests, calls and e-mails and are organizing a boycott of Fox sponsors. Never one to miss an opportunity, NBC’s Leno invited Paul to appear and explain.

Introducing his guest as “a long-shot maverick,” Leno said, “I’m trying to figure out why Fox News chose not to put you on.”

“You know,” Paul replied, “we tried to find that out. But they didn’t return our call.”

“You seem like a gentleman,” notes Leno. “You don’t seem like that type. But it seems like you should be kicking somebody’s ass right now.” [Laughter] [Applause] “You’re being extremely polite for something I think you got screwed over, quite, you know, ….

I mean, I might not necessarily agree with you, but I think, as an American, we like to see everybody get an equal shot.”

Paul speculates that Fox “didn’t want to hear the message. Maybe they’re intimidated. Maybe they’re frightened. Maybe they don’t want to hear the truth. Who knows?”

Leno asks about Romney’s slide in the polls and attacks by other GOP candidates. “I’m a little bit afraid that they might be doing that for religious reasons,” says Paul. “And I don’t like that. I disagree with Romney on some of the issues, and he’s gone after me onstage, but that shouldn’t be the reason that he doesn’t do well.”

Paul noted that “nobody’s ever accused me” of saying different things to different crowds. “I say the same thing, no matter which ear it is and which crowd it is.” Paul corrected Leno that he had not collected all that campaign money but that “we” had: his followers and their 1,400 meet-up groups nationwide.

Paul said after his earlier debate confrontation with Giuliani “when he was confused about what causes terrorism [Laughter] I sent him some books, And I said, ‘Please read these books.’ But so far it doesn’t sound like he’s read [them]. He hasn’t done his homework.” [Applause]

Paul, the only GOP candidate opposing the Iraq war, criticized the Bush administration. “The trillion dollars went to the war,” Paul said. “It should be here taking care of our people here at home.” [Applause] Paul also noted how all candidates now say they’re for change but nothing changes. “To me,” he added, “that means the only significant change we ought to have is get enough people in Washington that read the constitution, obey the constitution, do only the things that we’re allowed to do.” [Applause] To read the entire interview, click here.

Meanwhile, across the country in New York, Huckabee was trying to pull another Huckabee of his own on late-night television, this time on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

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H/T Jason Gatties.

Leonard Schwartz has announced he is seeking the Vice Presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party.

He is the political director of the Michigan LP, ran for Senate in 2006, and a couple of other offices previously.

He has been an LP member since 1980, and is a retired professor of business law and economics.
You can contact him at Leonard@LeonardSchwartz.us or 248-546-3569.

Additional details on page 7 of the February 2008 Michigan LP Newsletter:


Schwartz joins Chris Bennett as the only
VP candidate I am aware of in the LP.

Unconfirmed candidates include Karen Kwiatkowski, whom the LPNH is already collecting signatures for as VP nominee. Kwiatkowski discussed her possible candidacy at Lew Rockwell.com, but has more recently indicated that she is not interested.

Another one who is rumored to be running is poker player Greg Raymer, but there has been no official statement either way from Raymer.

UPDATE Leonard Schwartz and Chris Bennett will be on Liberated Space with Angela Keaton today (TH 1/10) at 7:30 Eastern, 4:30 Pacific time.

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UPDATE Just found another good one

UPDATE 2 More on why JulieAnnie is the Nero, not the hero, of 9/11:

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