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aaanofaux.jpgConservative President ‘08 has reported that Republican Congressman and 2008 presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul will not be included in Sunday’s Republican Presidential Debate on FOX. This debate is being held only days before the important New Hampshire primary.

I’m frankly stunned by this. While I’m not a rabid Ron Paul supporter (I haven’t decided who I support yet, and while I agree with Dr. Paul’s stance on the war, I disagree with some of Dr. Paul’s other views and I am, generally speaking, an opponent of the Republican Party), he is hardly a far fringe candidate who cannot be taken seriously. He is very popular, and his fundraising ability is undeniable. He is also a member of Congress, and should be afforded the respect a sitting member of Congress seeking the presidency deserves.

If Dr. Paul is not included in the debate, then the debate is a farce, pure and simple. Worse, it appears to be an attempt on the part of FOX to manipulate the election.

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