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I’d like to congratulate Jake Porter, who comments here regularly, on his new position. I’m sure he will do a fantastic job.

Phillies logo

George Phillies for President 2008


December 18, 2007

Phillies Campaign Expands Lead Staff

The Phillies 2008 Campaign announced the appointment of Charles Wilhoit as Campaign Chairman, Jake Porter as Chief of Staff, Jeff Wartman as National Mobilization Facilitator for Volunteer Operations and Carolyn Marbry as National Mobilization Facilitator for Electronic Operations.

“For more than a year and a half,” said George Phillies, “I have been doing the extensive early development that is crucial to building a strong campaign, and that hard work is paying off. What started in April 2006 with two has expanded to an army of volunteers and a few part-time paid staff, working every day to build the campaign and bring my message of peace, liberty and prosperity to all Americans.”

From its beginning with no more than the candidate himself and a treasurer, the campaign now has a large core staff, state coordinators and close to a hundred volunteers. “There’s plenty of work still to be done. We can always use more volunteers,” said Carolyn Marbry. “But at this point, we are well ahead of any of the 2004 campaigns.”

Jake Porter agreed, “The campaign staff and volunteers continue to prove that we are running a well organized and credible campaign not only for the Libertarian Party nomination, but for the general election.”

“The two large parties may have more campaign volunteers,” added Dr.Phillies, “but my volunteers are Libertarians. They do more than volunteers in other parties. What’s more, they are competent. Just as Libertarians, if elected to office, will be competent.”


Contact Information:

Carolyn Marbry, Press Director


(510) 276-3216


Source:  Phillies MySpace blog 

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Terry Liberty Parker Passes Away
Posted by Stephen Gordon — December 17th, 2007

Libertarian Party old timers and anyone involved in politics or the libertarian movement in the Austin, Texas area will know this name: Terry Liberty Parker. Angela Keaton just passed this e-mail on to me:

To all who loved Terry. Terry passed away at 4:35 Am this morning, December 17, 2007. His passing was very peaceful and quiet. Plans for his memorial will be announced as soon as they are made. Terry would want to tell all of you that he appreciated your presence in his life and the constant flow of love and support during his illness. They were a great source of comfort to him. We will all miss him deeply. Love Rita

I had heard that Terry was in poor health, but apparently his situation was worse than I realized. I last physically saw Parker in 2004 in Austin, where we had a few drinks at a local pub and mostly talked about opposition to the Iraq War. Parker was a colorful character in the movement and will truly be missed by many people who were touched by his life.

Henry David Thoreau once wrote, “None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.” To the very end, Terry was young by Thoreau’s standards.

One Response to “Terry Liberty Parker Passes Away”

1. RockHoward Says:
December 17th, 2007 at 8:07 pm

The freedom movement is particularly large and vibrant in Austin. Probably most of the younger participants don’t know anything about Terry “Liberty” Parker, but nonetheless it was Terry who, almost singlehandedly, educated the city about the nonagression pact and its’ implications for philosophy, politics and day to day living.

Terry was not really a “political party” kind of guy and so that is not the real measure of his contribution. That is not to say that he didn’t occasionally jump in and collect signatures or serve as County Chair or such, because he did. It was just that he was so interested in exploring the ramifications of his chosen philosophy and arguing the ins and outs with whoever had the time, that other activities rarely held his attention.

Some argue that Terry turned off as many people as he turned on. That is probably true but the same can be said for most of the other leading voices for freedom who have followed in his wake here in Austin. But helping individuals really understand how to “think and love freedom” was Terry’s aim and in that he succeeded. If the current groundswell of freedom lovers hangs onto that same dream for their entire lives, as Terry certainly did, then a bright future for our country is still possible.

Meanwhile, if there is a God, he or she will be preoccupied with wide ranging debate for many years now that Terry has arrived on the scene. If I had to bet on that contest, my money would be backing Terry!

Until the day that I discover for myself if that debate is really raging, I will simply say that I will miss Terry and am glad to have had the pleasure of his company for the last two decades.

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Image via http://www.morisecomics.com/

Group URL:


Libertarians for Art, Music and Culture
Libertarians for Art, Music and Culture (1776 Members)

Artists, musicians and other creative talent within the Libertarian Party seek to replenish our ranks with an appeal to those in both the humanities and the performing arts.

Group Info

Related to such outreach are these fine organizations:



College Libertarian Organizing Committee


Common InterestPolitics


Steering committee for a proposed new effort to create professional libertarian college field outreach. Once the group is created, we will raise funds and hire field organizers to travel, create and expand campus networks.


College Libertarians


Student GroupsPolitical Groups


This is the official global Facebook group for College Libertarians — representing over 85 unique student libertarian groups and over 4,000 members!!

We have created this group to network with all Libertarians across the country. This will be a valuable resource for organization and communication. Invite all the Libertarians you know to join this group.

There is a list of College Libertarian groups at http://chelm.freeyellow.com/collegelibsusa1.html . Message Aaron Biterman if your school needs to be updated.

In addition, the Libertarian Party maintains a list of campus organizations at http://www.lp.org/organization/community.shtml. Organizations seeking inclusion on this list should message Prof. James W. Lark, III or contact him at jwlark (email address deleted thanks to porn spammers, let the Lib Space forward these to Dr. Jim.)



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Just got this from Angela Keaton

Friends of Freedom:

Norma Jean Almodovar, the Libertarian Party of California’s 1986 candidate for Lt. Governor and author of Cop to Call Girl, is facing some serious challenges. Since she has gotten out of prison where she was incarcerated for a victimless “crime,” Norma Jean has difficulty finding work given both her record and courageous activism. In addition, Norma Jean’s husband is in frail and failing health. A proud libertarian activist, she is struggling to ask for much needed help.

Given the family’s strong objectivist leanings, a traditional fund raising appeal would be inappropriate. However, you can do the following:

*Norma Jean has significant knowledge of Quark and Adobe software. You have an affiliate newsletter. Hire a layout editor who shares your values.

*Add a link to International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture and Education. Contributions are tax deductable and help educate the public on the realities sex workers face under our current laws.

*Interview Norma Jean on your blog, webcast, podcast, cable access or microbroadcast. Her story is one woman’s struggle against corruption and injustice.

*Norma Jean is a talented artist. With the holiday season upon us, please support your libertarian artist. They are your values embodied in song, storyline and style.

If you would like to contact Norma Jean, please write her at normaja@webuniverse.net. She has led a one woman battle against the LAPD. For that alone, we give thanks.

In liberty,


From Veronica Monet’s News Letter:
Resources and Announcements


Are you a Halloween Freak? Do you decorate your home for the annual celebration of the macabre? With a doll character or doll character wreath created by artist and author Norma Jean Almodovar, you can really spice up the party and give your guests something to talk about! The doll characters are bendable and pose able and everything she makes is one of a kind-and each is signed by the artist. So, if you are really into Halloween, you owe it to yourself to get a Norma Jean’s Lil’ Peeps© Ghastly Creatures© collectible! Norma Jean also creates dolls for EVERY other holiday and occasions! Need a special gift for a very special person? She can create a custom doll character or wreath for you!”

Visit www.normajeansgifts.com//horror.html to find the perfect Halloween decoration (or email Norma Jean at normaja@webuniverse.net)!

Angela Keaton
At Large Representative
Libertarian National Committee

A big beautiful tent full of libertarians. Join Libertarians for Arts, Entertainment and Culture.

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Times noted are Central. Noon Eastern, 9 AM Pacific.

Bill Redpath, Libertarian Party National Chairman

Steve Kubby*

Date / Time: 12/17/2007 11:00 AM

Category: Politics

Call-in Number:
(646) 378-1107

Bill Redpath was elected chair in July of 2006 at the party’s national convention in Portland, Oregon. Bill is the Vice President of a financial consulting firm and holds an MBA from the University of Chicago. Bill and his wife Melinda live in Leesburg, Virginia.


12/18/2007 11:00 AM

Ed Rosenthal

12/19/2007 11:00 AM

Jack Herer

Marc Emery talks about Liberty and Ron Paul

Marc Emery discusses his personal battles for Liberty, the Ron Paul campaign and what he and others are doing to help. Marc currently faces extradition to the United States where he faces a possible life sentence on charges of selling marijuana seeds and using the profits to fund pro-cannabis legalization activities. His outspoken advocacy in favor of legalizing cannabis led the media, beginning with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (later picked up by Bernard Shaw of CNN), to dub him “The Prince of Pot,” a nickname he embraces heartily.

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David Nolan on the Libertarian Party, Ron Paul, and the Future of Politics

David Nolan offered a fascinating perspective on the Ron Paul phenomenon and how it will change America. David Nolan founded the Libertarian Party in 1971. He subsequently served the party in a number of roles including National Chair, editor of the party newsletter, chairman of the By-laws Committee, chairman of the Judicial Committee, and Chairman of the Platform Committee. Nolan is also known as the inventor of the Nolan Chart.

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George Phillies and Keith Stroup

Some tech problems at first. You can fast forward for about 9 minutes, but Steve wings it with two great interviews. At 9:09 is George Phillies, who is also seeking the LP Presidential nomination,– then at 9:30 Keith Stroup, the founder of NORML.

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Shane Cory, Cliff Schaffer

(Fast forward for about 5 minutes to get past the tech confusion.) Shane Cory, Executive Director of the Libertarian Party, discussing the LP’s controversial invitation to Ron Paul to seek the LP Presidential nomination, and Cliff Schaffer of MarijuanaBusinessNews.com, with some really provocative views.

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Leading from the Front Lines

On this show we discussed the Libertarian Party National Committee’s controversial invitation to Ron Paul to seek the LP presidential nomination. Steve Kubby wants the Libertarian Party and movement to lead the country from the front lines in the battle for individual freedom, especially in the drug war which criminalizes millions of Americans. Kubby has survived the attempts by two countries to kill him. He knows that freedom is not an abstract concept.

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The First Steve Kubby Show

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 3 minute delay because of technical problems.
Richard Cowan of MarijuanaNews.com hosts the Steve Kubby Show. Steve is seeking the Libertarian Party Presidential nomination. Steve is a medical marijuana patient/activist who ran as the Libertarian candidate for Governor in Calif. in 1998. He spent several years as a medical marijuana refugee in Canada. He knows first hand the importance of freedom.

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The FKN Newz

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A couple of days ago
I posted
about the Hotties for Ron Paul
calendar which was not yet out. Since then the website has become available and the calendar can now be ordered.

According to the website

The much anticipated, “Hotties 4 Ron Paul” calendars are now available for pre-sale at a special pre-order discounted rate, but only until our official release date of December 16th, 2007, at the Los Angeles Tea Party ’07 Celebration!
Ordering instructions are on the Purchase page.

They also have some details about the Tea Party. And a few previews.



The calendar has caused a stir in such places as disinter,
Gordon Unleashed
, Ron Paul Forums,

Crazy for Liberty
, and those are just the ones I know of!

Of course, it’s gotten some of the stereotypical comments that such things always get, like this one at redd.it.

fromagewiz says

I think I want the job of removing that bumper sticker, at least.

I liked Michelle’s reply

Because the philosophy of individual freedom empowers people, I was able to remove it all by myself!

While I do appreciate your offer of service, I’ve found that no expert is needed to handle a quality, free market product. Now, if I ever mistakenly don bumper stickers of a candidate other than Ron Paul or of the Libertarian Party, I will look you up right away.

Red tape can be a bitch to fight through and when I find it necessary to hire assistance, I like to look within my community.

At digg
Juliet Annerino, the creator of the calendar writes

1,200 hits worldwide in our first 24 hours!

But the thing I really want to know is…is this outtake

from the same photoshoot? (OK, I admit. I was just looking for an excuse, however flimsy,
to keep it on the front page).

Orange to red on the sedition.com scale


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