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Announcement by Richard Cowan



Steve Kubby has asked me to become his campaign manager for his bid for the Libertarian Party Presidential nomination, and for the Presidency. I have accepted because I am determined to put marijuana prohibition and the drug war at the top of the public agenda and for libertarians in particular. 


On the 10th I wrote about why I had started hosting the Steve Kubby Show on BlogTalkRadio.com 


Why the Libertarian Party and Movement Are Especially Important to the Marijuana Reform Movement This Year. Ron Paul and Beyond with Steve Kubby.
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Of course, becoming �Campaign Manager� is a much more serious commitment, especially since I am determined to keep posting on MarijuanaNews.com on a regular basis.  


However, Steve has gone to jail, lost his family, and put his life on the line, and I have seen him get up after being knocked down again and again, when he had every reason to retire from the field.  


Consequently, it is very difficult to decline his invitation simply because it might add to my work load.  


Also, as I have said many times, the libertarians and the cannabis community need one another, and Steve is the bridge between these two worlds.  


In the last two Presidential elections the Libertarian Presidential candidates got around 400,000 votes, less than half the 829,625 Americans who were arrested on marijuana charges last year. Do the math! 


To put it bluntly, the libertarians need the bodies and the cannabis movement needs to be taken seriously.  


But what about Ron Paul?  


Well, it seems possible that we may not even know who will win the Republican nomination until their convention next September! If Dr. Paul does win the nomination, then Steve (and I) will back him, but we cannot simply wait until then and hope that someone mentions marijuana prohibition. Steve will not wait, and neither should we. 


Let me tell you a typical Steve Kubby story. 


When Steve moved to Mendocino County last year, he found that even though an initiative called Measure G, allowing patients to have 25 plants, had been passed by the voters in 2000 by a margin of 58%-42% , it sat collecting dust for six years and was being treated as being merely “advisory” ( i.e. ignored) by everyone, including some local “activists”! They were satisfied with the status quo. 


But Steve was not. 


It was Steve who looked up the County’s summary to the voters about the initiative.    It was Steve who went before the County Board of Supervisors and told them it would be fraud if they didn’t uphold Measure G as a law, since that is what they told the voters.  Within thirty days, Measure G was codified into law. 


Now that is leading from the front! 


Steve knows that a loophole isn’t liberty, but he also knows from painful personal experiences, the dangers of “law enFORCEment ” that will not obey the law.  


2008 is certain to be a pivotal year in American politics, and the Internet has clearly come into its own as a campaign tool, especially for the heretofore disenfranchised � meaning us. Steve and I are going to be developing creative uses of the net to help spread the message, and that will be fun.


My crystal ball is badly in need of Windex, so I have no idea what is going to happen, but I can promise you a ringside seat at a real fight for real freedom for real people. 


Join us and, if you think, as I do, that the issues and record of personal commitment that Steve brings to the campaign are important, then donate to the campaign.

Donation links are prominently displayed at: http://www.kubby2008.com, or if you are averse to electoral politics you can always click on my humble Paypal button. You will be proud to have been a part of this battle.   

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I’d like to congratulate Jake Porter, who comments here regularly, on his new position. I’m sure he will do a fantastic job.

Phillies logo

George Phillies for President 2008


December 18, 2007

Phillies Campaign Expands Lead Staff

The Phillies 2008 Campaign announced the appointment of Charles Wilhoit as Campaign Chairman, Jake Porter as Chief of Staff, Jeff Wartman as National Mobilization Facilitator for Volunteer Operations and Carolyn Marbry as National Mobilization Facilitator for Electronic Operations.

“For more than a year and a half,” said George Phillies, “I have been doing the extensive early development that is crucial to building a strong campaign, and that hard work is paying off. What started in April 2006 with two has expanded to an army of volunteers and a few part-time paid staff, working every day to build the campaign and bring my message of peace, liberty and prosperity to all Americans.”

From its beginning with no more than the candidate himself and a treasurer, the campaign now has a large core staff, state coordinators and close to a hundred volunteers. “There’s plenty of work still to be done. We can always use more volunteers,” said Carolyn Marbry. “But at this point, we are well ahead of any of the 2004 campaigns.”

Jake Porter agreed, “The campaign staff and volunteers continue to prove that we are running a well organized and credible campaign not only for the Libertarian Party nomination, but for the general election.”

“The two large parties may have more campaign volunteers,” added Dr.Phillies, “but my volunteers are Libertarians. They do more than volunteers in other parties. What’s more, they are competent. Just as Libertarians, if elected to office, will be competent.”


Contact Information:

Carolyn Marbry, Press Director


(510) 276-3216


Source:  Phillies MySpace blog 

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