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As I mentioned a few days ago, Steve Kubby is now doing a radio show five days a week, Monday through Friday

9AM Pacific, 12PM Eastern. Call in


or just listen by logging on at


Richard Cowan of MarijuanaNews.com hosts the show.

Despite some technical difficulties, during the first week of broadcasting the guests have included:

You can listen to all the archives at the show site. Tune in tomorrow (Thursday) with David Nolan,
founder of the Libertarian Party.

In addition to co-hosting his own show, Steve Kubby is also doing some candidate debates. In the past week, there have been a debate with Brian Moore of the Socialist Party USA and another one with fellow LPer George Phillies on Angela Keaton’s Liberated Space.

Also tomorrow, Steve will be on Miller Politics.

Three candidates for the 2008 Libertarian Party presidential nomination are set to take part in the second This Is Politics Libertarian Party presidential debate December 13 starting at 5:30 PM (ET). Candidates attending are: Steve Kubby, Mike Jingozian and John Finan. Tune in at: www.blogtalkradio.com/tip.



Don’t miss these two great shows on my new Blog Talk Radio Show.
Join me and my co-host, Richard Cowan, on the front lines and hang
out with the folks who are making the news.


–Steve Kubby

Recorder earlier today and now available on demand:

The Ron Paul Phenomenon, analysis by David Nolan

Our guest today was David Nolan, who offered a fascinating
perspective on the Ron Paul phenomenon and how it will change
America. David Nolan founded the Libertarian Party in 1971. He
subsequently served the party in a number of roles including National
Chair, editor of the party newsletter, chairman of the By-laws
Committee, chairman of the Judicial Committee, and Chairman of the
Platform Committee. Nolan is also known as the inventor of the Nolan

Scheduled for this Friday:

The Prince of Pot LIVE
Friday, Dec. 14th, 9:10 AM PST

Marc Emery, magazine publisher and leader of the BC Marijuana Party,
will be joining us live, this Friday, at 9:10 AM, or just after noon
Eastern time. Marc currently faces extradition to the United States
where he faces a possible life sentence on charges of selling
marijuana seeds and using the profits to fund pro-cannabis
legalization activities. His outspoken advocacy in favor of
legalizing cannabis led the media, beginning with the Seattle Post-
Intelligencer (later picked up by Bernard Shaw of CNN), to dub him
“The Prince of Pot”, a nickname he embraces heartily.

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