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Award Speech

Thank you. Thank you. You’re too kind. No, really, that’s enough.

As the receiver of this year’s Icon of Smart Assery from Angela Keaton’s Liberated Space I must say…

Loretta deserved the award for the whole Sex Toys for Troy thing, or maybe Liv for the Red Sox cap at the end of this video.

But, since I am the wiener of this award, deserved or not, I’d like to thank some of the people who made it possible. If I left you out, blame it on the ‘caine. Like most other self-absorbed gliterati, as Necro says….I need drugs!

First of all I would like to thank my homies at last free voice.

My road dogs (woof! woof!) on the campaign trail. You know who you are.

The campaigns I worked on this year, bad, good and ugly, including LPNC, LPO, all the third parties in Arkansas, Mass. End the Income Tax
and Mass. Sensible Marijuana Policy.

Thank you for the opportunity, the great times, and for all the money I earned to spend on pet rocks, sex workers, porn, seedy motels, and stuffing my fat face.

I’d like to thank the LNC and the State Parties of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, NC, Massachusetts and New Hampshire for allowing me to attend their conventions to distribute Kubby and Radical Caucus literaganda.

Also, Doug Stanhope, Michelle Shinghal, Mike Nelson and Titanium/Speakeasygirl (websites deleted) for partying with me in Dallas.

There’s a lot of other people to thank – but my food is getting cold and my drink is getting warm.

See you next year, and thanks for all the fish!

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Long shot candidate for the LP and Green nominations, Robert Milnes, advocates a strategy
of a left-libertarian alliance. All good as far as that goes.

But then he gets into the weird stuff, like claiming that Teddy Roosevelt was a left libertarian (!)
and promoting something he calls “positive eugenics”.

Mighty Casey is not down with positive eugenics

And neither is Mick Jagger

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Response to an article at LP Delaware yahoo group

> If libertarians are socially liberal and fiscally conservative,
> what does this analysis of Rudy resemble?

> When measuring the metaphorical glass in degrees of fullness,
> aren’t the positives outweighing the negatives for elect ability?

No, and that’s what the big problem with the “socially tolerant,
fiscally conservative” tag is (nevermind that Giuliani is very
intolerant on many other social issues, ranging from privacy to
medical marijuana, and only “fiscally conservative” when not
considering deficit spending).

The real bottom line: war is the health of the state. Civil liberties
shrink, and government spending and regulation of the economy expands,
most rapidly in wartime. Often, these changes remain permanent after
the war is over.

For reich wingers, their pro-war position trumps everything else, and
in the real world this leads to maximum government growth on all fronts.

So, too, should libertarians make war the #1 issue. Those who are
against war should be seen as partial allies, even if we don’t agree
on other issues. Those who are for warmongering should forever be our
eternal opponents, even if they are slightly, out-of-focus,
libertarian-ish lite on some other issues.

This is also a real weakness of the Nolan Chart, which does not deal
with foreign policy (other than foreign aid as an economic issue).

Libertarianism is adherence to the non-initiation of force principle.
Being socially tolerant and fiscally conservative is an outgrowth of
applying that principle, but it does not constitute being libertarian
all by itself, especially when combined with warmongering, which
stands libertarianism on its head.

As Thomas Sipos wrote at TPW

“war is the health of the state,” which means that war not only kills
human lives (without which, all other liberties are impossible), but
that war also massively increases spending, and severely curtails
civil liberties.

Thus, being right on the war is the primary issue. [..]

Likewise, while I’m sure I’d disagree with Kucinich on most of his
positions (if I paid much attention to him), because of his antiwar
stance, I’d support him over all the other Demopublicans (Paul excepted).

In fact, Kucinich has said he would want Ron Paul to be his VP if
he won the Dem nomination…that reinforces what I have been saying
about an untapped market on the left for libertarian outreach.

See also


Congressional Scorecard


The Reality
of Red State Fascism

On Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich

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Site Updates

Finally got around to updating this thing.

I’ll try to keep up with it more now.

I was on the road a lot and did not have regular internet access, and when I did I posted at Last Free Voice. I’m taking a quick break from the road to get over a cold. Got that over with so now I’m working out the logistics of the next campaign.

I’ve put a lot of those LFV posts up here now, and I’m also blogging at Michelle’s place now.

I started this place hoping it would be a group blog, but so far no one has really been interested. Well, I take that back – Michelle did post here a couple of times, but not a whole lot.

The offer remains open – if anyone is interested please let me know in the comments.

Up next, I want to tackle the blog roll again..

So far I have added Liv Films.

If you have a link you’d like to add let me know in the comments, and if I have linked you here or at LastFreeVoice or both, please link back!

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…kinda funny.

Sorta like Hucksterbee himself. No offense intended to the developmentally disabled.

H/T Steve Gordon

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BLL Update

Well, I figured out how to put it in the sidebar – but not how to put my site code. Help on that would be appreciated.

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Basically what happened was that Ron Paul raised about $4 million [on Nov. 5] alone, more than any Republican in the race, and not too far behind the leading Democrats, according to Third Party Watch.

This was due to an organized effort, started by internet supporters, which Ron Paul eventually picked up on, in honor of V for Vendetta – Remember, remember the 5th of November.

Here is Liv explaining what it was all about.

Great Moments In U.S. History – video powered by Metacafe

I recommend checking out the rest of her site, too.

Sources tell me the next such “moneybomb” might be scheduled for December 15 (Bill of Rights Day) and 16 (Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party), and that there might be a reenactment of the Boston Tea Party involved.

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