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I found Angela in a Hollywood back alley. She was handing out
Jack Chick tracts. I thought I’d ask her what happened, and why.
She asked that I abbreviate names to protect the innocent as well as the guilty. We discussed starting a new religion for fun and prophet.

Paul: So, you got sick of the LP platform debate? How come?

AK: I don’t know what did it. Maybe it was the way BC could say “Lessarchist” with a straight face. Maybe it was KB’s asterix. KB would call LPHQ daily and demand recognition for Pro-War “libertarians” on the LP website with an asterix, when he refused to stop calling headquarters with his demands for liberventionist punctuation, he got pawned off to LNC members, namely me.

Paul: ‘Lesterchist is a good term, in my estimation. Is it short for molesterchist? Or would that be molestarchist? Molest-a-christ? Baby Jesus, what kind of deformed partial birth abortion are we helping bring to life here with the “new and improved (TM)” LP (Lesserchrist Party)? And when will it get to Nazareth, at this slouching pace? The Lesserchrist BizarroJesus loves the little children, all the little children of the world…(red and yellow, black and white, they’re all very, very tight, all the little children of the world). [Bump, bump, booty bump, bump…]

To my knowledge, there is no x is asterisk. Also, any X you buy from anyone I know is at your own risk. Could be an aster or a disaster…you just never know until it is already in your spinal fluid. If you choose not to deicide, you still have made a choice. Have you ever come to a fork in the road and bifurcated? I have, but only after 40 joints by myself, and somehow debifurcated a day or two later. I have two equally plausible, yet mutually exclusive, memories of that weekend. Where’s Schrodinger when you need a litter box?


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Ron PaulHat tip Presidential Politics ’08.

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, a former Libertarian Party presidential candidate, has raised a staggering $5 million for the third quarter of 2007.

Dr. Paul, currently a Republican Congressman from Texas, is an obstetrician who has a very large grassroots following, especially among libertarians. To many that libertarian support is even more stunning, considering that Dr. Paul opposes abortion, whereas the Libertarian Party does not hold such opposition. However, completely in keeping with libertarian principles, Dr. Paul advocates immediate withdrawal from Iraq, at one time angering Rudy Giuliani during a debate when he suggested that the 9/11 attacks were “blowback” from previous US activities in the Middle East.

Wolf Blitzer broke the fundraising news on his CNN show “Situation Room” with the following statement:

Some stunning political news this hour concerning Ron Paul: The Republican presidential hopeful is low in the national and state polls, but now, when it comes to campaign cash, he’s standing very tall.

Ron Paul’s campaign reports that the congressman from Texas raised five million dollars over the past three months. That’s in the same neighborhood as what rival John McCain is expected to report, and it’s five times what former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee reportedly raised. It’s also more than three million dollars more than Paul raised over the first six months of this year. Paul can partially credit his big bucks to a strong following on the Internet.

Blitzer was not the only political pundit to express astonishment at this unexpected development. A similar sentiment was expressed by other news organizations, including MSNBC and ABC.

ABC World News Tonight is flying to New Hampshire to interview Mr. Paul for tonight’s episode. Earlier today, ABC called Ron’s totals “jaw-dropping.”

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