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We’ve been over at the new site for six months or so .

The last three months have been about even in visits and page views:


The last few weeks we have added a LFV group on
and a LFV page on myspace. Our newest blogger, not yet on the about LFV page, is the world famous (or is that infamous?) Steve Gordon.

I’ve been putting out posts like this on group emails to the bloggers here and on our facebook page, but I usually don’t get a lot of response to those, so I thought I would throw it out here; I hope Stuart and others don’t mind if we get some reader input here.

Should we add more writers here? If so, how many should we have? Several people have asked to be added; I’m not sure if there are more interested who have not let us know (if so, post it in the comments). Have we already reached a saturation point, or have any people who have asked to be added and not been added just been overlooked?

I have a couple of ideas I’d like to test out here if any of the other folks here are interested; one is to have a LFV blog talk radio show (I’ll co-host if anyone is interested), and another is to have some of the writers (those who have webcams – that would not be me) record our own Video Blogs.

Besides that, open forum time: what subjects are we covering too much or too little? What have been your most and least favorite posts and/or comments? What can we do to make this place more interesting and popular?

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