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Volume I, Issue 2
June 21st, 2007

Dear friends and supporters,

When I said this newsletter would be “irregular” in publication, I didn’t intend to skip four months. You can look forward to more frequent updates from now on. In this edition:

  • First television commercial in production!
  • Steve Kubby debates Wayne Allyn Root
  • Upcoming debates featuring Steve Kubby
  • Don’t miss Steve’s weekly podcast!
  • Personal Update: “The Freedom Side of the Cannabis Curtain”
  • Contribute — and see your contribution in action!

    When Steve Kubby ran for governor of California in 1998, his “South Park” themed television commercial, produced by Doug Scribner, won a “Pollie” award — the Oscar of political advertising.

    A few months ago, we ran a campaign fundraiser aimed at reprising that commercial theme, with donors appearing in the new ad. Doug has the new version in production — and we expect big things from it, not only on television but on the Internet. You’ve seen the “viral” effect of YouTube and other Internet video services. We’ll be using those to maximize the campaign’s exposure and to get the Libertarian Party’s message out in a big way.


    You may have heard that there’s a new contender for the Libertarian Party’s 2008 presidential nomination — Las Vegas oddsmaker Wayne Allyn Root. Last week, Steve and Wayne faced off in debate on Angela Keaton’s “Internet radio” show, The Liberated Space (where Steve had
    previously debated candidate George Phillies as well). Check out what the two candidates had to say, and form your own opinion:


    … and there are more debates coming!

    Next week, Steve sits down with Libertarian candidates George Phillies and Wayne Allyn Root, across from Green candidates Alan Augustson and kat swift for a “third party debate” on M2K Radio. That’s June 27th, 7pm Eastern, at:


    And in July, Steve and Libertarian nomination opponent Christine Smith debate, once again on The Liberated Space. July 12th, 4:30pm Pacific, at:


    Listen in!


    Every week, Steve has a new audio message — covering the issues of the day and developments in the 2008 presidential election. You can catch the podcast at the campaign web site, www.kubby2008.com, subscribe to it using iTunes, and even carry it on your own blog or web site!


    Steve is settling into his new home in Mendocino County, California, and finds the attitude toward medical marijuana patients and growers there refreshing:

    “Don’t get me wrong, people still get busted here in Mendocino and those stupid enough to plea bargain will suffer the full weight of the criminal justice system. But, the simple fact of life here is that no jury has ever convicted a grower, much less a medical cannabis patient. Recently, a jury took less than an hour to acquit a patient with 540 plants.”

    Read the rest of Steve’s piece on how it feels to finally live in a climate of freedom rather than fear, at:



    Right now, Steve’s campaign is running on two tracks:

    Inside the Libertarian Party, we’re working to establish Steve as the most credible representative of the party’s ideals and policy positions — the candidate who can do the best job for the party in 2008 and whose candidacy will best position the LP as a real alternative to the “major party” candidates. That’s why he’s participating in these early online debates.

    Outside the LP, we’re working on “left outreach.” It’s not hard to figure out why: Ron Paul has the “right wing” covered, at least for the moment, with his GOP candidacy.

    Steve is trying to reach voters on the left who agree with Paul — and Kubby — on foreign policy, but who are likely to be more receptive to Steve’s positions on immigration, same-sex marriage and the environment than they would be to Paul’s. Partially — although not entirely — due to Paul’s Republican campaign, the “low-hanging fruit” for the LP right now is on the left. So that’s where we’re picking.

    Want to help? You might be surprised at how cheaply we can run ads on smaller left-leaning blogs and web sites. We’re focusing on quality, not quantity — actually reaching netroots opinion-makers rather than just shelling out for empty “ad view” statistics. As we shift toward
    quantity in the future, we expect that the influence of those opinion-makers will have prepared the ground for more, and more positive, response.

    For as little as $10, we can advertise for a week on blogs with thousands of dedicated readers who notice those advertisements. For $25, we can advertise for a month, or buy a week on a more popular blog. For $100, we can reach tens or hundreds of thousands of literate, politically involved readers.

    If you’d like to know where your money goes — or even specify in advance where it will go — that’s not a problem. Just drop me a line (kubby dot communications at gmail dot com), and we’ll coordinate. I’ll tell you what blog the ad will be placed on (or take down YOUR preference and follow it up), and how much it will cost. PayPal contributions are best for these particular ad campaigns, as our preferred ad broker uses PayPal too. But if you’d prefer to contribute via a “regular” credit card processor, or by check, we’ve got you covered! Just point your web browser at:


    … for all the contribution options. All of us on the Kubby 2008 team greatly appreciate your support. It’s the seed money that lets freedom grow!

    Til next time I remain yours in liberty,
    Tom Knapp
    Communications Director
    Kubby for President

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    Here, Ron Paul compares Ed and Elaine Brown to Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Here, Ron Paul claims he never said what we just watched him say.

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    Here’s a letter written by Jose M. Gonzalez, the father of one of the men at the Ed and Elaine Brown house (Cirino aka Reno). Jose went to Plainfield to defend Ed and Elaine alongside his son, only to be asked to leave. His impression of Ed Brown is particularly enlightening. [I have separated the paragraphs, to make it easier to read, but otherwise have not edited this in any way – ENM]

    Reno's father (Ed and Elaine situation)

    My emotions are bouncing around in my mind and I want to settle down before I write out and post a complete report

    Although everyone of the Browns’ supporters have individual agendas, the cause of “Show me the tax law” is worthy of continuation.

    When equal rights folks were ready to make their move in 1956, they researched several individuals and chose Rosa Parks for a very special reason. Rosa Parks was not the only Black person having refused to sit on the back of a bus. She was chosen for her dignity, honest past, and willingness to cooperate with the equal rights promoters for the greater cause; not her own personal glory.

    Although Elaine Brown may have these qualities, I fear that Ed probably cannot even spell them. I found him to be an arrogant, ambitious, self-serving man that is using everyone around him (including Elaine) for his own personal political gain. From what little I could gather, he is looking for ‘supporters’ willing to DIE for him but he has no intentions of dying himself. Cirino was/is frustrated at the lax security but Ed blocked all efforts to make the place defendable and give the occupants a better chance of surviving.

    After meeting with the security team, I requested (of Ed) that we ALL meet with Ed & Elaine to configure an acceptable security plan.

    He refused to meet and kicked me, Lee, AND Cirino out. Cirino managed to convince Ed to let him (Cirino) stay longer and I fear for his life even more so now. However, I will not risk the life of TWO sons over this less than honorable man.

    I have experienced personal hardship and ramifications over this issue and stand to gain absolutely nothing in return nor do I want anything but the safety of my children, family, and friends.

    This is spirit in which Cirino has gotten involved with such a cause.Maria has my permission to post this or anything I write. I trust in her values. I have not completed my thoughts on this matter and am torn between continuin

    It appears that he ran out of space (it was posted as a comment on his son’s myspace page) but the gist is pretty clear, I think.

    On his own myspace page, Jose states that he has a BA in psychology/sociology, and an MS in counseling with a specialization in marriage & family therapy. If that’s true, his opinions of Ed and Elaine should be given greater weight than that of the average person, especially since he has actually been to the house and met the Browns.

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    Perry WhatleyFrom The Houston Chronicle:

    Perry ”Bit” Whatley, 84, a former Baytown refinery worker and lifelong Texan, spent his final days in self-imposed exile, a fugitive from a more than two-year-old fight with the state probate courts.

    Whatley was living in Arizona when he died, but it was not where he wanted to be, away from his home, cut off from his family and his $2 million fortune.

    It was an unlikely, but perhaps unavoidable, end for the retired machinist, a frugal man who had wisely invested his savings in Humble Oil, which became Exxon, then Exxon Mobil. The investment made him a millionaire nearly twice over, and yet for 20 years after his retirement he lived a simple life in a simple Baytown bungalow until last summer, when he fled the jurisdiction of Harris County Probate Court.

    Whatley died Feb. 14 in a rental home in Tempe in the company of his longtime caregiver, Dawn Johnson Whatley, 63, whom he married in a bedside ceremony in January 2005. His wife was his sole heir.

    The Whatleys, both seniors with serious health problems, abandoned their own home and went into hiding together last summer. They left to avoid a hearing and, later, orders issued by Probate Judge Mike Wood that declared Whatley incapacitated, took away control of his assets and could have forced him into a nursing home.

    Perry Whatley’s sad saga started out as a dispute between his niece and his new wife, two people who professed devotion to him and who also sought control over his fortune, his health care and his basic life decisions.

    But the fight, taken to court in April 2005 by Whatley’s niece, morphed quickly into a twisted legal free-for-all and a near-infamous example for critics who claim Texas probate courts have run amok. It also underscores how worries over a loved one — seemingly simple at first — can escalate into a costly and chaotic legal conflict.

    It took decades for Whatley to make his money.

    In less than two years, nearly $1.5 million has been spent on legal bills and court-authorized expenses for his probate case and related litigation, based on case documents.

    And though Whatley is gone, the fight over what remains of his money is far from over.

    Read the rest of this disturbing story at The Houston Chronicle.

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    Paris HiltonConsidering that I regularly use the word “trash” to describe ultra-skanky heiress Paris Hilton, I found this a little amusing. From Yahoo News:

    LOS ANGELES – So, how much would you pay for an empty dog-food can if you thought it was snatched from Paris Hilton’s trash? So far the answer is $0.

    But the people from HollywoodStarTrash.com are counting on someone forking over at least $40. That’s the starting bid listed on eBay for the can that once contained a helping of Party Animal organic gourmet. Bidding closes Sunday.

    As of midday Monday, the can had no takers. Nor had anyone put down a bid for the used toothbrush, the Hilton fan letter or the Hilton-autographed postcard also said to have been plucked from the hotel heiress’ garbage.

    According to a video placed on hollywoodstartrash.com, a guy wearing an Uncle Sam mask tracked down Hilton’s address from a map to movie stars’ homes. Then he and a colleague, who remains off camera, sneaked into Hilton’s neighborhood before dawn on a recent Thursday and absconded with six bags of garbage.

    “We discovered that Paris Hilton throws out a well organized and quite neat bag of trash, save for a few Cobb salads and banana peels,” says one of the two.

    Neither immediately responded to an e-mailed request to elaborate.

    Their Web site indicated that as time goes by they’ll be sifting through other celebrities’ trash and offering it for sale. A man identified as a lawyer, who appears on the video, tells them their actions are legal as long as they wait for celebrities to put their trash cans out on the street and don’t trespass on their property.

    As to whether the trash is really Hilton’s, they place the following statement on each of the eBay offerings: “We guarantee that each item comes from the trash bins outside the celebrity’s home!”

    And who wouldn’t believe a guy in an Uncle Sam mask?

    Outside the initial amusement factor, though, I find this more than a little disturbing. The website doesn’t stop at empty dog food cans and used toothbrushes. It also has photos of prescription bottles and, although they have “censored” over identifying information, it’s not at all hard to figure out what those bottles contained. I also find it disturbing that these folks actually believe there’s somebody out there, so obsessed with Paris Hilton, that they’d pay for her used tissues and Q-tips. That’s beyond weird. It’s sick.

    Also posted on ENM’s “The Rampant Anti-PAMite“. 

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