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Here’s a letter written by Jose M. Gonzalez, the father of one of the men at the Ed and Elaine Brown house (Cirino aka Reno). Jose went to Plainfield to defend Ed and Elaine alongside his son, only to be asked to leave. His impression of Ed Brown is particularly enlightening. [I have separated the paragraphs, to make it easier to read, but otherwise have not edited this in any way – ENM]

Reno's father (Ed and Elaine situation)

My emotions are bouncing around in my mind and I want to settle down before I write out and post a complete report

Although everyone of the Browns’ supporters have individual agendas, the cause of “Show me the tax law” is worthy of continuation.

When equal rights folks were ready to make their move in 1956, they researched several individuals and chose Rosa Parks for a very special reason. Rosa Parks was not the only Black person having refused to sit on the back of a bus. She was chosen for her dignity, honest past, and willingness to cooperate with the equal rights promoters for the greater cause; not her own personal glory.

Although Elaine Brown may have these qualities, I fear that Ed probably cannot even spell them. I found him to be an arrogant, ambitious, self-serving man that is using everyone around him (including Elaine) for his own personal political gain. From what little I could gather, he is looking for ‘supporters’ willing to DIE for him but he has no intentions of dying himself. Cirino was/is frustrated at the lax security but Ed blocked all efforts to make the place defendable and give the occupants a better chance of surviving.

After meeting with the security team, I requested (of Ed) that we ALL meet with Ed & Elaine to configure an acceptable security plan.

He refused to meet and kicked me, Lee, AND Cirino out. Cirino managed to convince Ed to let him (Cirino) stay longer and I fear for his life even more so now. However, I will not risk the life of TWO sons over this less than honorable man.

I have experienced personal hardship and ramifications over this issue and stand to gain absolutely nothing in return nor do I want anything but the safety of my children, family, and friends.

This is spirit in which Cirino has gotten involved with such a cause.Maria has my permission to post this or anything I write. I trust in her values. I have not completed my thoughts on this matter and am torn between continuin

It appears that he ran out of space (it was posted as a comment on his son’s myspace page) but the gist is pretty clear, I think.

On his own myspace page, Jose states that he has a BA in psychology/sociology, and an MS in counseling with a specialization in marriage & family therapy. If that’s true, his opinions of Ed and Elaine should be given greater weight than that of the average person, especially since he has actually been to the house and met the Browns.

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