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“I Can Tell U Wanna Fuck” (504 BOYZ)
Video featuring Britney Spears

Afroman – Because I Got High (Uncensored)

afro man- crazy rap/colt 45

Blake Shelton – Some Beach

Blake Shelton – Ol’ Red

Bloods and Crips – Steady Dippin’

Bloods and Crips – G’Z And Locs

Bloods & Crips – Bangin’ on Wax

Dead Prez – What U Bangin 4 ?

Social Distortion-Ring Of Fire

Social Distortion-Story of My Life

Motorhead – Killed By Death

Otep – Warhead

Eminem – Mosh

Metallica- One

Ace Of Spades – Hayseed Dixie

Motörhead – Whorehouse Blues

Motörhead – Jailbait; America

Body Count – Cop Killer Live

Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized

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Text by Steve Kubby http://kubby2008.com/node/36; embedded links by me, “the paulienator”

[Note: This blog entry was submitted to several California newspapers for publication last week. While it addresses a “state issue,” I believe that the sentiments expressed herein are also applicable to the presidential campaign]

Since his election to office, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has carefully cultivated his image as a “moderate,” plopping himself down in the muddled middle of every issue — often to the detriment of the very Californians he’s sworn to serve. In no case is that more true than with respect to issues of family and marriage.

In 2005, Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill which would have recognized same-sex marriages in California, citing an inapplicable referendum result (Proposition 22, which applied to marriages solemnized outside California and which is void due to its conflict with the US Constitution’s “Full Faith and Credit” clause). He matched that veto with a pledge to uphold the state’s current “domestic partnerships” scheme. Now he’s making the same promise again versus AB 43.

This is the “middle” that Governor Schwarzenegger stands astride: Not slavery, just segregation. Not extermination, just “second class citizenship.”

There are two sides to marriage, and neither of them are the government’s business.

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By way of Classically Liberal


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The video pretty much speaks for itself. It goes without saying that this jerk should never have been given authority over other people. What’s really sad is that, if not for the surveillance camera in the bar, chances are the cops would never have believed it happened.

(Sorry, I tried to embed it, but the wordpress program keeps changing the code for some strange reason – anybody know how to fix this?)


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Several LNC members, including Chuck Moulton,
who gave me a ride down to Orlando, are involved with starting Rock The Debates:

You can play a key role in this unprecedented, historical endeavor.

The idea is to get the Democrat and Republican presidential candidates to commit to debate third party candidates.

How? We’ll ask them to debate, get the clip on video, and place it on You-Tube. Folks in places like New Hampshire can play a key, historic, pivotal role in making this happen.

o When the candidate comes to town, hook up with another as a tag team. One person asks the question, the other videotapes.
o Here’s the question:

Mr. / Ms. Candy Date, at this point in America’s history with such vital issues that we face, do you agree to debate any presidential candidate who is on the ballot in enough states to have a mathematical chance, and if not, how do you reconcile this position with the principles of freedom and opportunity upon which America is based?


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