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Oldie But Goodie

By Dick Clark, a write-up of a gubernatorial campaign we worked on together in 2002. I’m hoping some of our campaigns and candidates can use this to their advantage. The text is Dick’s from 2002, the embedded links are mine from right now. -paul

this graphic, by a supporter of the Kubby campaign, was not attached to the original article, I’m just throwing it in here because I like it. -paul


….I opened that email from Scott Kjar. The email declared Scott was the campaign manager for an Auburn economist named John Sophocleus who would be running for governor. Furthermore, his campaign desperately needed the services of that class of laborers lovingly known as “interns”. My problems had been solved. I replied to Scott’s email, volunteering my services for the spring semester. Upon my return to Auburn after winter break, I made the necessary arrangements to receive credit for my internship.

While I had worked a few outreach events in my leadership role with the AU Libertarians, I really had no idea what to expect when I went to work for John Sophocleus. I soon discovered that I would be doing many of the outreach events that I had done before. In addition to those activities, I would be responsible for doing certain research, and coordinating various campaign outings all over the state.

On Tuesday, 22 January, and Wednesday, 23 January, Paul (campaign research director) and I talked to three hundred eighty-seven Auburn students and faculty. This particular event was sponsored by the campus club, and was intended to show each person his or her place on the political spectrum. The hope was that those that scored in the libertarian area (eighty-five people over the two day span) would be interested enough to participate in future libertarian events. That week, twenty students attended an “Introduction to Libertarianism” speech given by Dr. Roderick Long of the philosophy department.


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I like. You like?


Open the .pdf to get a better view. If you like, please download and distribute; if you don’t like, please make suggestions for improvements in the comments!


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