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I’m posting this on behalf of Doug Craig at his request.

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We are running a candidate for the US House district 10, but why?

Georgia Libertarians has been put into a historical event. Due to the untimely death of Charlie Norwood Georgia will be having a special election to replace him.Here in Georgia we have found a candidate actually a great candidate, Dr. Jim Sendelbach. Because of Georgia ballot access laws we have not been able to run for a US House seat prior to this.This being a special election all rules are out the window.It is non-partisan but the candidate will have his party label next to his name.

The question I have is why should we run in this race.The cost for the filling fee is $4800.00 non-refundable ( in Georgia you get back 75% after the election, normally).We will not win this race ( o.k. money could fly out of my backside).So why should we run.


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Over at the LP Blog the last ten posts, and counting, are about the party’s participation in the Conservative Political Action Conference. Granted, the coverage is pretty darn good, and we are at least doing some outreach somewhere, in contrast to much of what has taken place the last few years. But when is the last time we did anything like this at a liberal conference? When will there be one, and does the LP have any plans of attending?

My exchange with Steve Gordon (LP national communication director) in the comments at:


p) Steve and Joe,

Great coverage!

Keep up the good work.

I sincerely hope the LP also does this same type of outreach and coverage at some similar upcoming event for liberals, to provide much-needed balance in our outreach.

Do you know of any such upcoming events, and do you have plans to attend and cover them?

Posted by: paul at March 4, 2007 04:16 PM


Suggest an event where 1) we’d even be allowed in the door, 2) where we’d have some reasonable outreach opportunities, 3) that it would be logistically reasonable (it is easier and cheaper for a DC-based organization to attend an event in DC than one in San Francisco) and we’d very clearly consider it.
Posted by: Stephen Gordon at March 4, 2007 04:28 PM


That is certainly a reasonable answer.

Unfortunately, I don’t know about where and when the big liberal conferences in the DC area take place, just as I would not have known about CPAC but for the LP’s participation, but I’ll research it. I’m going to put this out on a variety of yahoo groups and see if anyone knows.

Posted by: paul at March 4, 2007 04:42 PM

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In this week’s “radio address,” Steve Kubby discusses family and marriage
issues. Excerpt:

It’s the fashion these days for politicians to describe
themselves as “pro-family.” I can do that. As a matter of fact, I’d
describe myself as the most “pro-family” candidate for President in

How “pro-family” am I?

I’m so “pro-family” that I don’t believe we should amend our
Constitution to exclude some Americans from participation in loving
families, or relegate those families to second-class status as “civil
unions,” or try to explain away Article IV, Section One of the
Constitution so that state governments can deny those families the
legal recognition they deserve.

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