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Sorry folks, I’m having concentration problems and can’t put together a decent article to save my life. A friend who wants to remain anonymous asked me to post this.

A new group has started that is trying to get an initiative on the ballot in New York City that would create a real, independent investigation into 9/11. Although the state of New York is not a citizen’s initiative & referendum state like California and 23 other states are, they do have citizens initiative & referendum at the local level in New York City. In order to make it on the ballot, they would have to collect 50,000 valid signatures on a petition from registered voters in New York City. The time frame to do this is 120 days and the latest that the signatures could be turned in is 60 days before the election. In order to ensure that they make it on the ballot they would have to collect extra signatures in order to survive a validity challenge, so they will probably need around 100,000 raw signatures.

I think that this is an excellent idea and I in fact had the same idea myself a few years ago. Just imagine the impact of having a 9/11 Truth ballot initiative on the ballot in New York City. It would be listed in the voter booklets sent out to millions of voters and people would be forced to confront the issue. The media would have a hard time ignoring it. It is obvious that there aren’t enough people in government with the guts to face this issue, so it is up to We The People to push for a real investigation. Even if the initiative fails just going through the process of trying to get it on the ballot is sure to generate publicity and bring more people into the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Right now, the initiative is in the planning stages. They need to find a lawyer or lawyers to consult with to make sure that the initiative is properly worded from a legal standpoint. They need to actually file the initiative with the election office in New York City. They are also going to need to raise money to ensure that they make it on the ballot and to run advertising to increase the chance that the intiaitve passes.

I urge everyone here to visit www.911initiative.org and do whatever you can to help get this project off the ground. There is still time to get this on the ballot for 2007 but if we don’t make it for 2007 we can always go for 2008. I think that it is very important to have this initiative on the ballot by the time of the 2008 Presidential election. Getting this initiative on the ballot could be the big breakthrough that the 9/11 Truth Movement needs.

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