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Many Libertarians are jumping on the Ron Paul bandwagon. Ron Paul is a sitting member of Congress with the power to introduce impeachment resolutions. Why has he not done so, and
when is he going to do it? Since the spineless Democrats are predictably selling out the voters who gave them control of both houses of Congress to stop the war, and the LP is mostly MIA on this as well (having voted against impeachment, and having failed to even consider a real antiwar resolution at the Portland convention), perhaps someone will do the right thing?

Co-Dependent Congress Must Wake Up: The President Needs a Straight-Jacket and a Padded Cell

from: http://www.thiscantbehappening.net/

It’s time to simply admit the obvious: The president of the United States is crazy as a loon, and the Congress and the media are functioning as co-dependents as he runs the country off a cliff.

Bush says in his latest press conference that he is “certain” that Iran is providing “technically
sophisticated” roadside bomb weapons to Iraqi insurgent forces to help them to kill Americans.

He probably is “certain.” But nobody else of consequence in the government is, and the evidence to support his claim is simply not there.

Shaped charges are not sophisticated. They can be made in a garage. The technology was invented in 1888 by a Navy engineer. It was widely used in World War I and II, as well as in Vietnam, and was even provided by the British to the IRA in a botched sting operation that led to its being disseminated around the world to every conceivable resistance and terror organization. Instructions on how to make these weapons are available on the web. A high school student could do it in shop if the teacher wasn’t looking.


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