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In the LP Radicals Yahoo Group
Michael H. Wilson wrote…

The elderly need better access to transportation services and legal services, but restrictions on who can own an inner city transit company deny the elderly access to such services and restriction on paralegals make legal services more expensive. Magazines on alternative healthcare might be receptive to ads criticizing the laws restricting midwives and I would definitely place ads in Ebony magazine on any number of issues that make life more difficult for members of the African-American community such as lack of adequate inner city transportation, occupational licensing and housing regulations. I have some of these issues on my website http://libertarianpeople.org (okay maybe it is more of a play toy than a website, but it’ll get better).

I think issues like this need to be emphasized a lot more by local LPs, to help build our ties to local communities and expand our diversity so we can be more effective. Contribute your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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