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That’s me next to Loretta Nall this past weekend. Not the best pic (we’re both in profile) but
you can find a few more (I did not come out well in any of them) at


If we can do this in Alabama, and I believe we can, we can win in any and every state. Those of you in Alabama, give us a holler and for any of you living in states where Medical Marijuana is not yet legal…I hope you do something like this in your state!

The following was Loretta’s writeup of the meeting on her blog:

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who made it out to the Compassionate Care meeting on Feb. 3 at Applebees in Pelham. It was the best turn out yet for a working meeting. Six attendees were first timers and there was a great deal of positive energy and fresh ideas at the table.

In all there were 14 attendees and over the course of two and a half hours we came up with the names of four physicians who might be willing to sign on to our letter to Alabama doctors, two possible contacts in the nursing community who might be willing to contact the Alabama Nursing Association for their support, a new patient contact, an experienced advocate on behalf of the disabled who is advocating for the new patient, two possible law professors who might be willing to explain the supreme court ruling to the legal community, committments from everyone in attendance to contact their elected official this week and ask where they standd on the medical marijuana issue and then to report that information back to me and a committment to try and bring at least two people to the next meeting. We also came up with ideas for a guerrilla marketing campaign.

I feel this was the most productive meeting we have had so far and I am looking forward to our next one.

Thanks everyone for your participation. For those of you who could not make it last night we hope you will be able to make it to the next one. In the meantime please look for patients, physicians and other supporters, spread the word wherever you can (we’ll be posting flyers soon for printing and distribution) write letters to your local newspapers on the medical marijuana issue and contact your elected officials to find out their stand on med mj. Please report any legislators answers back to me. If you would like a pre-written script to follow when contacting your legislator please let me know.

Loretta Nall

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