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In the past this blog has covered LP Presidential candidates George Phillies and Steve Kubby.

For those as yet unaware of the other candidates for the Libertarian Party 2008 presidential nomination, truck driving tax protestor and self-proclaimed spiritual heir of Mahatma Ghandi
Gene Chapman is also running for President.

Chapman is also seeking “Constitution, Southern, Goldwater-Reagan Conservative, Independent, Reform and Boston Tea Party nominations”. Among other things, Chapman is
a musical genius

In the past, Chapman has gone on several death fasts to fight for freedom, and even attempted to set himself on fire at the IRS building. He was prevented from doing so because he was driving an RV with a leaky propane tank, and locked up in a mental hospital for Dysthymia.

Chapman is a technological pioneer in the field of in the use of audio and video blogs and comments, and along with his trusty sidekick Doug Kenline works diligently at keeping his opponents honest by urging them strenuously to include free site meters on their websites and inviting them on his audio blog radio show. They are fond of calling anyone who disagrees
with them “Satanist Communists” and “fancy fuck sock puppet boys”.

Chapman is, naturally, gathering attention from major national media outlets,

recently being invited on Fox and Friends, Good Morning America, CBS Morning News, Late Night with Conan O’Brien
as well as being offered deals by
Dream Works Studio and Bad Boy Records

He is also the subject of government conferences; the study of his ideas and work has drawn together multiagency taskforces including the IRS, FBI and possibly BATFE.

Chapman staffer Kenline issued specific, graphic death threats
against 18 year old Phillies staffer Jake Porter.

While we are as yet unaware of any specifically anti-Phillies or anti-Kubby websites, Chapman opponents have gone negative early with several attack sites put out by Elfino’s Mom, Frank Buckner, and some anonymous challenger.

But, what really brings Chapman to our attention at this time is his founding of
American Libertarian University. According to Chapman’s blog, “Libertarian legend Allen Hacker is looking over our offer to join the teaching staff of the American Libertarian University.” At this time, we are seeking independent confirmation of this report.

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