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Which was a followup to


Also trying to decide the best approach on this issue…


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I think maybe the settings here should be changed so that longer posts are not on the front page in their entirety.

Kinda like at HoT, you could make a long post like I just did, but only the beginning of it would be on the front page?

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So let’s try this instead.


Here’s further illustration of the differences between Kochtopus-style faux-libertarians and real libertarians, as also explained by Anthony Gregory at



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Hold up before you buy ‘Never Get Busted’

Some new information is coming to light in the uproar over Barry Cooper’s Never Get Busted video and website.

From all indications it appears Mr. Cooper was never granted permission from LEAP or NORML to use their names in connection with his video.

There is a HUGE discussion going on in the drug policy reform community about all of this. It seems pretty evenly divided to me with half saying it has the potential to be a wonderful thing, if it is legit, and the other half saying that this guy has no right to profit from information that the public has already paid for. They also say that if he wanted to atone for his sins as a narc he would give the info away for free.

I, on the other hand, know first hand how difficult it is to be an activist and find funding for this work. If this guy is now on our side and is making this information available, and it is real information that could keep people out of jail (even if we have to pay for it) then it is a good thing.

A few things that bother me though. (more…)

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From 2003.
The “Constitution Party” has the ideas you seek from the LP. They
support a “theocracy” and stopping immigration, and are conservative.
They are not nearly as successful as the LP. What the LP needs to do
to be succesful is to stop trying to appeal to disaffected
Republicans, which is a losing strategy. Republican leaning voters
tend to be older and wealthier, and thus less likely to change voting
patterns, having time and money invested in preserving the statist quo.
Even if and when they do [change affiliation], they are more likely to die (and
thus stop voting at all) soon.

Where the LP has an opening is by competing against the Democrats,
Greens and apathy/non-voting (granted, some non-voting is based on
legitimate anarchist principles, but most is simply apathy) for the
youth and immigrant vote, which is less likely to be firmly tied to a
political party or ideology.

The way to do this is by emphasizing the pro-civil liberties and
antiwar (pro-peace) aspects of the LP platform, on such issues as
opening the borders, stoping the “war on terrorism” and other abuses
of civil liberties, ending the drug war, promoting religious and
sexual freedom, defending free expression in controversial cases such
as pornography and sedition, and defunding the military-industrial
complex and corporate welfare. (more…)

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pro-war counterprotestor

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