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Editor — It’s time to get serious about terrorism. Here’s a simple plan:

First, identify terrorist suspects. And please dispense with legal technicalities that protect the guilty, like “proof beyond reasonable doubt” and “unanimous verdict of the jury.” Civil liberties are a peacetime luxury. Am I the only one who remembers Congress declaring war?

And forget secret military tribunals: they’re irrelevant, time-consuming; a complete waste of taxpayer money. If our government suspects someone, it’s good enough for me. “Due process of law” is code for terrorist sympathizer.

Second, identify the suspects’ relatives.

Third, find those relatives and bulldoze their houses into rubble. When they resist, shoot them.
Civil-liberties fanatics complain that two wrongs don’t make a right. Attacking innocent people is unjust? Maybe so-called “innocent victims” should think twice before getting related to terrorist suspects!

Here’s the beauty of the plan: It’s already working. Israel has been doing it for years. It must be successful. When’s the last time you heard of terrorism in Israel?

I rest my case.

San Francisco

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Bush vs. Beyonce

Don’t blink or you’ll miss Kubby! (near the end)

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Mark Thornton wrote:
> There might be some “political mileage” with the Fair Tax (and
dangers), but its not all what is cracked up to be. The correct
position is to always resist the temptation to water down libertarianism.

paul) Mark – certainly true, but there is an even bigger problem here.

Yes, it’s true that the fraudulent tax is actually much worse than the
status quo.

Yes, it is true that not only would it be worse than the status quo,
but on top of it any **real world** (rather than theoretical) attempt
to implement it would certainly end us up with both a sales tax and an
income tax still in place.

But even more importantly – what is the point of even having this
discussion take place here?

The only reason why this is not off topic is that someone thought
there is some value in having the LPA endorse this piece of bovine
feces wrapped in pretty Christmas gift wrapping.

WHAT value?

Does anyone outside the LPA care one whit if the LPA passes such a

Within the LP this issue is controversial. It should not be, but I can
understand why some people have been duped by this trojan horse of a
fraudulent tax.

So passing such a resolution would be
a) divisive in the LP
b) absolutely meaningless outside the LP.

There is no value whatsoever served by passing such meaningless stupid
resolutions *or by wasting our time talking about them*.

Especially when the LPA apparently can’t even decide on how to come up
with $8 (yes, eight dollars) to keep its website from going down the

I’ll include a mea culpa here: I responded to hastily in saying that
the LPA should pass a resolution **condemning** the trojan horse
fraudulent tax. That would be equally divisive and meaningless.

Sorry for contributing to this problem; but actually, this stupid
discussion will now go on here whether I contribute to it or not.

So, it has *already* had a net negative impact on our effectiveness.

People, end the madness!


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I can’t copy/paste due to a messed up computer here, so that makes it a pain to say a lot of things I like saying. See “Delay of Game” at https://pauliecannoli.wordpress.com

I’ll get down to the University later (not sure if it will be today) but it’s less convenient, since I don’t have a car and it might be closed for Xmas anyway.

Happy holidays everyone. Maybe I’ll have wordpress figured out better by the New Year!

OBTW I added Michelle as a user at pauliecannoli’s a while back, if anyone else is interested in blogging there too just ask.

Hey one other thing…if you haven’t had wine made of muscadine grapes I highly recommend it. Absolutely delicious, and it has 5x the good stuff for the heart as regular red wine.

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Posting much in the way of content here will be delayed until I get on a machine with fewer technical problems.

Among other things, copy/paste is not working heret my folks’ and I have no idea why. I might go to the university or the library later.

It will probably be a few weeks until I’m moteling again, and only some motels have a computer in the lobby (also, even if they do, it’s usually only one, and other people ask to cut in and use it).

Bottom line, it won’t be as convenient to do computer stuff while I’m on semi-vacation as I had hoped, but I’ll get  some stuff  up in the next few days.

In the meantime: I got a wordpress account so that Stuart could add me as a user at Last Free Voice and as far as I can tell that still has not been done.

In other news, anyone know a friendly doctor who can fax me a steroid scrip for bronchitis without an office visit? I had a doc  listen to my breathing with a stethoscope and she thought it might be bronchitis, pneumonia or emphysema, or perhaps even tuberculosis.

Basically, crackling from fluid in the lower lungs.

I have a long-term chronic lung condition and then I had a cold develop while we were petitioning in Maryland. I took a few days off and then when I felt up to it I rode the metro down to the Watergate and met with Steve Gordon and Shane Cory at LP national.

Then when I got back to College Park  it was a lot colder and I should have had a warmer jacket, plus I got lost wandering around for an hour and finally found the station again and took the bus. Then I worked the next day and got sicker again.

The doc was not an office visit – we were drinking over at their house actually – but she gave me six steroid pills and they helped (two at a time)  but only for a few hours.

I don’t have medical insurance, not being a corporate or government employee,  or money for the abnormally high fee-for-service rates that the market charges due to the price spiral caused by the degree of government interference in the medical services market over the last few decades, and I’d rather not sit around the ER as an indigent if it can be avoided at all.

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