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This is another one of the posts that used to be at LPA.

Cross-posted from Loretta Nall‘s yahoo group.

Loretta, still curious why you are supporting Phillies rather than
Kubby? I think Kubby is so much more your type of candidate! Judge
for yourself….

Kubby Blog

Not that you owe me any explanations, but I’m not the only one

George Phillies on Immigration:

“Borders – Americans who quote the Statue of Liberty’s message ‘Your
huddled masses yearning to breathe free’ should remember that it was
written when France, Germany and Russia were autocratic monarchies.
The huddled masses of Europe now breathe free. When Americans want
open borders, they will tell Congress to vote for open borders.
Until then, a Libertarian President who has sworn to protect and
defend the Constitution will protect and defend the laws on border
crossings. George Bush has created many enemies for America. Keeping
them from coming here to injure our children and grandchildren must
remain a top-priority issue for the foreseeable future. ”


Not only is this wrong, it sounds racist!

I’ve asked Prof. Phillies to explain this Eurocentric statement and
he has not responded, despite being a regular participant on a
couple of the discussion groups where I’ve posted the question.

Nor am I the only one who has noticed this.

If you keep working with Phillies, I hope you can help change his
position on this issue, or at the very least the embarassing way he
justifies it.


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Cory Maye has lost his motion for a new trial. The opinion is half-assed and poorly argued. Reads like a guy who had already made up his mind, and didn’t want to be bothered with the damned facts. I can’t believe the same attentive judge I saw at the hearing last December cobbled the shabby thing together.

Via Rodney Balko: The Agitator

Also at Balko:

DWI Checkpoint Video

A 19-year-old in St. Louis videotaped his encounter at a DWI roadblock. The officer asked where he was coming from and where he was going and the guy — fully within his rights — answered that he’d rather not answer that question. The pull him out of the car. When he — again, fully within his rights — asks if he’s being detained, an officer replies, “You better stop runnin your mouth or the other officer will find a reason to lock you up tonight.” They then search his car without probable cause.

This is why it’s essential that private citizens be permitted to photography and videotape on-duty police officers. Video sharing services like YouTube and Google Video can go a long way toward cracking down on this kind of behavior.

Video here. Transcript here.

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DMV prank

via Bureaucrash

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What I’m proposing here is nothing short of the worldwide Vehicular Thomas Crowne Affair.


Scrollin On Dubs

By way of Wendy McElroy

Also posted at

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Some Libertarians, such as recent Connecticut Congressional Candidate Phil Maymin


Support white house resident Dubai-ya’s “Great Wall with Mexico” boondoggle.


This is wrong for many reasons.

Some of my favorite principle-based arguments against this huge waste of stolen taxpayer money are at






If those don’t convince you, what about the practical arguments?

Consider what the following had in common:




The answer of course is that they were all giant failures!

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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