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Via ElfNinosMom today comes
the sad news that one of our
favorite Presidential candidates
may have to drop out of the race due to government persecution.

Gene Dropping Out of Presidential Race?

Gene posted the following on his blog today:

IRS Finds Chapman

Well, the IRS has sent a letter to my employer to take my checks, down to $168 per week, so I’m off to new adventures. I’m praying about a walk in the desert to visit with God on the matter. Being a homeless man is attractive to me in the world we live in. Lots of homeless people come from IRS issues, I’ve found.

I’ll attend LP and CP events, as I can, but God has clearly opened up a new direction for me, and His priorities are gonna be #1.

Gene Chapman
Libertarian Man


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For those of you who have been following this food fight,

There's a wanker who does not like our blog because we act rowdy and curse
. I think the
problem stems from him getting fired from the Badnarik 2004 campaign as webmaster, and he
has had it in for Steve Van Dyke and Steve Gordon ever since. He's come after others, such as Loretta Nall, as proxies since then.

R. Noval, the Bike Messenger, who also blogs at said wanker's blog, commented....

You all are, of course, welcome to post your views at smallgov, as we are loathe to block commentary, as Mr. dondero, I’m sure, will attest.

Apparently not, as some of us did in fact comment, and our comments were...well, erased.

Scroll down and read the comments that were erased for yourself, reproduced in our comments
and see if that action was merited.

Your move, Dirasian :-) (more…)

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We’re sending out an “open call” to drug law reform folks to support the LP and the Kubby campaign. We would like to make future appeals like this to the peace community, environmentalists, immigrants rights activists, and many others, but we have to start with a base. For anyone who is involved in drug policy reform groups and discussions, please help us distribute this widely, and whether you are or not, please send us some money (see the “read more” link) and some ideas so we can reach more folks with this message! Steve Kubby writes…

To my friends and comrades in the drug policy reform movement:

The last 10 years have been a decade of incredible progress toward ending the war on drugs. Twelve states have adopted medical marijuana legislation. Numerous communities have reduced marijuana to “lowest law enforcement priority.” More and more studies reveal both the medical efficacy of marijuana and the inefficacy and brutality of the war on drugs.

This progress is the result of your years of hard work: Your rallies. Your marches. Your petition drives. The letters to the editor. Your willingness to stand up and be counted. Your refusal to accept anything less than victory.

But it’s time to take the next step: We need to support a political party that recognizes these facts and acts on them instead of ignoring them and trying to wish them away. We need to support a party that stands up for our rights instead of using us as pawns on the chessboard of politics. We need to support the Libertarian Party.

Read more…


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Also posted at

No, it’s not the technological state of the art — that’s not the point. The point is for a Libertarian presidential candidate to take up the tradition of the “weekly radio address” that’s been a staple of American politics since FDR’s “fireside chat” days, and to do so in a very accessible way.

So, no bumper music or cheap sound effects — just Steve Kubby, calling in from wherever he happens to be to chat with America.

It’s also not long — 3-5 minutes is what we’re shooting for. We want dialup users to be able to listen in conveniently.

You can listen to it right here, or at the campaign web site, or at the Gcast site. You can subscribe to it via iTunes, Yahoo!, Google, MSN, newsgator or your preferred RSS client. Oh, yeah — feel free to embed it on your blog too if you like. Gcast offers a variety of styles and sizes, and it’s maintenance-free. Once you’ve put the code in, updates for new episodes take care of themselves.


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Sorry folks, I’m having concentration problems and can’t put together a decent article to save my life. A friend who wants to remain anonymous asked me to post this.

A new group has started that is trying to get an initiative on the ballot in New York City that would create a real, independent investigation into 9/11. Although the state of New York is not a citizen’s initiative & referendum state like California and 23 other states are, they do have citizens initiative & referendum at the local level in New York City. In order to make it on the ballot, they would have to collect 50,000 valid signatures on a petition from registered voters in New York City. The time frame to do this is 120 days and the latest that the signatures could be turned in is 60 days before the election. In order to ensure that they make it on the ballot they would have to collect extra signatures in order to survive a validity challenge, so they will probably need around 100,000 raw signatures.

I think that this is an excellent idea and I in fact had the same idea myself a few years ago. Just imagine the impact of having a 9/11 Truth ballot initiative on the ballot in New York City. It would be listed in the voter booklets sent out to millions of voters and people would be forced to confront the issue. The media would have a hard time ignoring it. It is obvious that there aren’t enough people in government with the guts to face this issue, so it is up to We The People to push for a real investigation. Even if the initiative fails just going through the process of trying to get it on the ballot is sure to generate publicity and bring more people into the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Right now, the initiative is in the planning stages. They need to find a lawyer or lawyers to consult with to make sure that the initiative is properly worded from a legal standpoint. They need to actually file the initiative with the election office in New York City. They are also going to need to raise money to ensure that they make it on the ballot and to run advertising to increase the chance that the intiaitve passes.

I urge everyone here to visit www.911initiative.org and do whatever you can to help get this project off the ground. There is still time to get this on the ballot for 2007 but if we don’t make it for 2007 we can always go for 2008. I think that it is very important to have this initiative on the ballot by the time of the 2008 Presidential election. Getting this initiative on the ballot could be the big breakthrough that the 9/11 Truth Movement needs.

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By Brian Doherty and Angela Keaton

This was a key document in a rejected version of U.S. plans for Iraq. It was found, damp, crumbled in a State Department trash can.

  • Dear Iraq:

    When I decided that we belonged together, I had the best intentions. Our relationship was never about control for me. I truly believe that if you love something, you ought to set it free.

    I could see that Saddam was bad for you. You weren’t happy with him. He was abusive, he was controlling, and there’s no way you were better off with him than with me—though I slowly started to notice, you certainly seemed calmer with him than you have with me.

    This is hard for me to admit. I’ve invested so much in this relationship—time, money, my highest ideals. But I’ve come to realize there’s a lot wrong with our relationship. Face it: we’ve become a seriously high-conflict couple. I never wanted to admit how violent our relationship had become. I thought it was just a phase, and that things would change if I just showed you how much I cared, how much I was willing to bleed to make this work.

    But I’ve had some good advice lately from friends, and I even consulted some professionals who gave me a more objective outlook on what’s been going on between us.

    They helped me see something I was afraid to face. I thought it was my duty to put up with how crazy things had gotten. I thought it was my fault, that I had to stick with you no matter how awful the relationship was for us both. Some serious co-dependency is at play here, Iraq. Despite my best intentions, we continue to bring out the worst in each other. (more…)

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By way of Brad Spangler

Shopping for Subsidies: How Wal-Mart Uses Taxpayer Money to Finance Its Never-Ending Growth

by Philip Mattera and Anna Purinton

  • “The $1 billion figure we cite for total public assistance to Wal-Mart may very well be the tip of the iceberg.”

Link above is to the full study. Handy summary available here.

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Posted by Steve Kubby at Kubby2008.com

I’ve recently been asked a number of times — by friends, fellow Libertarians, supporters of other candidates and even my own campaign volunteers — if my personal legal situation has any bearing on my presidential candidacy.

More pointedly, I’ve been asked if the fact that I’m on probation in the state of California might not disqualify me as a candidate, if for no other reason than that it might limit my ability to travel.

I’d like to turn these questions into an opportunity: An opportunity to explain my situation, and to explain why it’s not only not a problem, but a positive factor in my campaign.


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Many Libertarians are jumping on the Ron Paul bandwagon. Ron Paul is a sitting member of Congress with the power to introduce impeachment resolutions. Why has he not done so, and
when is he going to do it? Since the spineless Democrats are predictably selling out the voters who gave them control of both houses of Congress to stop the war, and the LP is mostly MIA on this as well (having voted against impeachment, and having failed to even consider a real antiwar resolution at the Portland convention), perhaps someone will do the right thing?

Co-Dependent Congress Must Wake Up: The President Needs a Straight-Jacket and a Padded Cell

from: http://www.thiscantbehappening.net/

It’s time to simply admit the obvious: The president of the United States is crazy as a loon, and the Congress and the media are functioning as co-dependents as he runs the country off a cliff.

Bush says in his latest press conference that he is “certain” that Iran is providing “technically
sophisticated” roadside bomb weapons to Iraqi insurgent forces to help them to kill Americans.

He probably is “certain.” But nobody else of consequence in the government is, and the evidence to support his claim is simply not there.

Shaped charges are not sophisticated. They can be made in a garage. The technology was invented in 1888 by a Navy engineer. It was widely used in World War I and II, as well as in Vietnam, and was even provided by the British to the IRA in a botched sting operation that led to its being disseminated around the world to every conceivable resistance and terror organization. Instructions on how to make these weapons are available on the web. A high school student could do it in shop if the teacher wasn’t looking.


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In the LP Radicals Yahoo Group
Michael H. Wilson wrote…

The elderly need better access to transportation services and legal services, but restrictions on who can own an inner city transit company deny the elderly access to such services and restriction on paralegals make legal services more expensive. Magazines on alternative healthcare might be receptive to ads criticizing the laws restricting midwives and I would definitely place ads in Ebony magazine on any number of issues that make life more difficult for members of the African-American community such as lack of adequate inner city transportation, occupational licensing and housing regulations. I have some of these issues on my website http://libertarianpeople.org (okay maybe it is more of a play toy than a website, but it’ll get better).

I think issues like this need to be emphasized a lot more by local LPs, to help build our ties to local communities and expand our diversity so we can be more effective. Contribute your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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Loretta Nall’s Review of ‘Never Get Busted’

Readers and Friends,

A few months ago the cable news networks were all abuzz with the news that a former narcotics officer named Barry Cooper was on the verge of releasing a new DVD that would show people who smoke pot how to “Never Get Busted Again”. Needless to say many of us in the drug policy reform community were thrilled at the prospect of such valuable information being made available to us. But then some alarming discrepencies began to surface.

I gave Mr. Cooper the chance to address those discrepencies via a blog interview and he agreed to do the interview but never did it.

Continues at


Nevada LP Presidential Candidate Debate

Steve Kubby got caught in a last minute snag with a temporary out of state travel restriction while his probation is being transferred from Placer to Mendocino county. Bad timing, he got caught in the gray zone within one county already abdicating jurisdiction, and the other one not fully set up yet.

Steve called in and we have audio available now, courtesy of the Chapman campaign, which we put up at Kubby’s website at http://kubby2008.com/node/27.

Steve’s email to me…”It’s hard to be sure, since I could only be there by phone, but it
seemed like I got the biggest applause. The debate was filmed and will be uploaded to YouTube soon. Will forward link when I get it.”

Meantime, Gene Chapman got confused and showed up the wrong day….but eventually he figured it out.

Zombie Mob Radio

Check it out. The revolution will be webcast!

Army of Rage

Thanks to Titanium Girl!

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Originally posted at

By LESLIE MILLER, Associated Press Writer

A revolt against a national driver’s license, begun in Maine last month, is quickly spreading to other states.

The Maine Legislature on Jan. 26 overwhelmingly passed a resolution objecting to the Real ID Act of 2005. The federal law sets a national standard for driver’s licenses and requires states to link their record-keeping systems to national databases.

Within a week of Maine’s action, lawmakers in Georgia, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Vermont and Washington state also balked at Real ID. They are expected soon to pass laws or adopt resolutions declining to participate in the federal identification network.

“It’s the whole privacy thing,” said Matt Sundeen, a transportation analyst for the National Conference of State Legislatures. “A lot of legislators are concerned about privacy issues and the cost. It’s an estimated $11 billion implementation cost.”

The law’s supporters say it is needed to prevent terrorists and illegal immigrants from getting fake identification cards.

States will have to comply by May 2008. If they do not, driver’s licenses that fall short of Real ID’s standards cannot be used to board an airplane or enter a federal building or open some bank accounts.

About a dozen states have active legislation against Real ID, including Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming.

Missouri state Rep. James Guest, a Republican, formed a coalition of lawmakers from 34 states to file bills that oppose or protest Real ID.

Though most states oppose the law, some such as Indiana and Maryland are looking to comply with Real ID, Sundeen said.

The issue may be moot for states if Congress takes action.

Looks like we even got a break here in Alabama.


LPs in some states are jumping on this.


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I’m ghost-posting this for Michelle
because she’s in the land of the rising sun and having technical issues starting posting here. Also because I’m her puppet :-). Oh, yes, and as Marv Albert says….YESSSSSS!

Several weeks ago I wrote about the court martial of First Lt. Ehren Watada, the soldier accused of conduct unbecoming. You may remember that he enlisted in the military after 9/11 only to consider it farther and refuse to deploy with his unit to Iraq. I said then that he was fighting FOR our constitution and I wondered what February would bring him.

Well, I am in Tokyo and unable to get full news, but it is my understanding that his court martial resulted in a mistrial. Some legal experts claim a Watada victory for round one.

To the extent that the Army would have liked to have shut down the case and sent it on its way, by now it’s a short-term defeat for the Army,” said Eugene Fidell, a lawyer in Washington, D.C., practicing military law and president of the National Institute of Military Justice.

Obviously I am not an attorney and I cannot even hope to know what this actually means for Watada, but this seems like a situation better flushed down one of Japan’s “smart” toilets. This was to be an answer to the the legality of the Iraq invasion. With the mistrial Watada may escape prison, but the most pressing question can remain unanswered.

Was Watada correct when he refused to deploy?

I wonder if this soldier is feeling relief. And if he is not retried, I wonder if he will feel justice was served.

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Steve Kubby was the guest on
Liberty Cap Talk Live with Todd Andrew Barnett
yesterday. You can listen to the archive:


I think he did really well, but I’m biased
check it out for yourself!

More interviews and clips in the media archive and the rest of the Kubby 2008 website.

Here’s Kubby being peer pressured into running for President by 50,000 screaming fans:


Oh yeah, we could sure use a few bucks to kick the campaign into higher gear.

To my knowledge,
George Phillies has been the only other candidate for the LP nomination on the Liberty Cap Talk Live show yet
, but if other candidates have media files they can send us, we’d love to put them up so folks out there can give them a listen and compare for themselves how the different candidates do in the media.

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…just like the song.


That’s me next to Loretta Nall this past weekend. Not the best pic (we’re both in profile) but
you can find a few more (I did not come out well in any of them) at



If we can do this in Alabama, and I believe we can, we can win in any and every state. Those of you in Alabama, give us a holler and for any of you living in states where Medical Marijuana is not yet legal…I hope you do something like this in your state!

The following was Loretta’s writeup of the meeting on her blog:

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who made it out to the Compassionate Care meeting on Feb. 3 at Applebees in Pelham. It was the best turn out yet for a working meeting. Six attendees were first timers and there was a great deal of positive energy and fresh ideas at the table.

In all there were 14 attendees and over the course of two and a half hours we came up with the names of four physicians who might be willing to sign on to our letter to Alabama doctors, two possible contacts in the nursing community who might be willing to contact the Alabama Nursing Association for their support, a new patient contact, an experienced advocate on behalf of the disabled who is advocating for the new patient, two possible law professors who might be willing to explain the supreme court ruling to the legal community, committments from everyone in attendance to contact their elected official this week and ask where they standd on the medical marijuana issue and then to report that information back to me and a committment to try and bring at least two people to the next meeting. We also came up with ideas for a guerrilla marketing campaign.

I feel this was the most productive meeting we have had so far and I am looking forward to our next one.

Thanks everyone for your participation. For those of you who could not make it last night we hope you will be able to make it to the next one. In the meantime please look for patients, physicians and other supporters, spread the word wherever you can (we’ll be posting flyers soon for printing and distribution) write letters to your local newspapers on the medical marijuana issue and contact your elected officials to find out their stand on med mj. Please report any legislators answers back to me. If you would like a pre-written script to follow when contacting your legislator please let me know.

Loretta Nall

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By LESLIE MILLER, Associated Press Writer

A revolt against a national driver’s license, begun in Maine last month, is quickly spreading to other states.

The Maine Legislature on Jan. 26 overwhelmingly passed a resolution objecting to the Real ID Act of 2005. The federal law sets a national standard for driver’s licenses and requires states to link their record-keeping systems to national databases.

Within a week of Maine’s action, lawmakers in Georgia, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Vermont and Washington state also balked at Real ID. They are expected soon to pass laws or adopt resolutions declining to participate in the federal identification network.

“It’s the whole privacy thing,” said Matt Sundeen, a transportation analyst for the National Conference of State Legislatures. “A lot of legislators are concerned about privacy issues and the cost. It’s an estimated $11 billion implementation cost.”

The law’s supporters say it is needed to prevent terrorists and illegal immigrants from getting fake identification cards.

States will have to comply by May 2008. If they do not, driver’s licenses that fall short of Real ID’s standards cannot be used to board an airplane or enter a federal building or open some bank accounts.

About a dozen states have active legislation against Real ID, including Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming.

Missouri state Rep. James Guest, a Republican, formed a coalition of lawmakers from 34 states to file bills that oppose or protest Real ID.

Though most states oppose the law, some such as Indiana and Maryland are looking to comply with Real ID, Sundeen said.

The issue may be moot for states if Congress takes action.

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By way of Tom Blanton

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Fun With IRS Agents

Note: The Cannoli is in enough trouble already, and is not in any way suggesting engaging in these nefarious tactics, which could be construed as harrassment or something. This is posted for entertainment puposes only. By way of Libertarian Party of Nebraska yahoo group, posted by Dan Wilkinson.


Who’s there?

Your friendly neighborhood revenue agent.

What To Do When The IRS Comes Knocking (Advanced Tactics 401) — by Gordon Phillips

This article is not intended as legal advice, but merely as a guideline to proper and fun-filled conduct becoming a law-abiding citizen when the Internal Robbery Squad comes knocking at the door, asking whether you intend to file ‘overdue’ tax returns, seeking amounts you are claimed to ‘owe’, etc.

The following does NOT pertain to 4:00AM jack-booted raids featuring machine- gun-toting Special Agents sporting fashionable new Kevlar body armor and black ski masks kicking in your door, stomping your cat to death, shoving your pregnant wife up against the wall and causing a miscarriage, and so forth. Whoops. I got that mixed up with the BATF. Sorry.

This article is about the IRS, and addresses the type of social call by Revenue Agents that the average American dreads to contemplate. After mentally arming yourself, however, this experience can prove invaluable in fortifying your sense of citizenship.

First, always remember that YOU are the Master (see the Ninth and Tenth Amendments) and that these uninvited trespassers are tax-consuming Public Servants. And never forget (assuming you’re still forking over YOUR ‘fair share’ of Marxist wealth redistribution) that it’s your generous annual tribute that pays off the mortgages of these federal actors, that puts THEIR kids through college, that funds THEIR retirement, etc. Hey, how much are THEY contributing to YOUR lifestyle?

TAX TIP: All ‘good Americans’, regardless of whether or not they still volunteer each year to commit financial suicide on a 1040 form, need to be prepared for the eventuality of the IRS darkening their doorstep. After all, they may have filed and paid … but they may not have paid ENOUGH! Which means it’s time for a weapons check! No, put away that double-barreled 12 gauge, Verne. I’m talking about a functioning videotape recorder loaded with a fully charged battery and a fresh tape. In the alternative, a standard audio cassette or micro-cassette recorder will do. Note: the digital type of recorder is OK, unless of course the batteries should die, in which case you would lose your recording, which is why we still cling to our trusty old Radio Shack analog.

TAX TIP: Be sure to keep your ‘loaded’ recorder right by the door, and take it with you in your briefcase or purse when out of the house. You never know when you might need to record other capricious acts of tyranny or selective prosecution, including routine unconstitutional traffic stops at ‘random roadblocks’.

TAX TIP: You will need two (2) photocopies of Internal Revenue Code section 7608 on hand (more on this to follow). Again, keep them by the door, perhaps mounted in an attractively matched set of matted picture frames.

IRS agents usually travel in pairs so, as the joke goes, ‘One can lie and the other one swear to it.’ When you answer the door and spot these characters on your doorstep (which, of course, could be prevented in the first place by clearly posting your property ‘No Trespassing’), you must immediately take charge of the situation.

NEVER under any circumstances allow officers of government (federal, state, or county) to enter your premises without a signed search warrant. They are trained observers and may make inferences about your lifestyle from your furnishings.

Before opening the door, especially if you’re a single woman living alone, shout out loudly behind you, ‘I’ll be right back, boys. Just keep feeding those Rottweilers!’ Anything similar will do.

Your visitors will expect your knees to knock and your jaw to come unhinged. Instead, throw them off guard by acting exuberantly pleased to see them (your impression of Marty Feldman as ‘Igor’ in ‘Young Frankenstein’ would work well here), stating that you appreciate the visit. ‘Did you have any trouble finding the place?’ If you need to go get your recorder, tell them you’ll be right back (‘Stay right there! Don’t go anywhere!’), close the door behind you and go get it.

While they’re waiting on the front steps (with a little luck, it’s raining), relax and take a few minutes to go make yourself a nice, steaming cup of coffee, then go answer some e-mail, water your plants, whatever. Then grab your keys, step smartly and officiously outside and quickly close and lock the door behind you. Your impression of Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau in ‘The Pink Panther’ would go nicely here.

Immediately obtain their full attention by whipping out your trusty recorder (already in ‘record’ mode with the red indicator dot glowing) and pointing it right at them, explaining:

‘You know, in spite of the fact that it’s incredibly rude and boorish to bother a busy person without an appointment, from what I’ve read in the papers lately things have been pretty rough for you boys, what with seizures down 95%, so anything I can do to help boost your performance bonuses will be just great! Consider it my patriotic duty. Actually, I’m so pleased you’re here because I’ve been concerned I wasn’t paying my correct ‘fair share’. I’m sure you can help me determine what it is. You do have the delegated authority to do that, don’t you?

Since I can’t possibly take notes as fast as you two can talk, I’m going to record this conversation in case I need it as evidence of fraud and extortion. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, don’t look to me for help. Now, what can I do for you?’

Say all this with the genuine, demonic grin of a truly deranged individual, perhaps mimicking Jim Carey in ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’. If they don’t turn around and leave at this point, as they often will, continue by asking:

‘Could you kindly begin by stating your REAL names, not the aliases the Treasury Employee Union suggests you use to protect yourselves from potentially dangerous members of the pubic? Not that I’m dangerous, of course.’ Try to look like Jack Nicholas in ‘The Shining’ as you say this.

If this doesn’t cause them to immediately flee the crime scene (if they’re running behind in their extortion quota for the week, it may not), ask them to prove their identities by producing their government identification. Tell them ‘Your papers, please!’ Your rendition of Sergeant Schultz in ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ would be terrific at this juncture.

Explain that a local newspaper recently reported two escapees from a mental institution having been seen in the neighborhood wearing cheap suits, and they fit the description perfectly. Say ‘One can never be too careful these days’, doing your best Peter Lorre impersonation.

Make sure they hold their badges close enough so you can read the information out loud, and spell it slowly for the recorder. Also, state clearly the date, time and your present location. Then ask for their delegation of authority orders. Explain that they have no right to speak to you without clear authority delegated down from the Secretary of the Treasury ‘right clear on down through your boss, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue’.

If they’re still standing there looking like exhibits in a wax museum, you might want to spice things up by asking ‘Hey, do you guys know what happened to the defendants at Nuremberg who claimed they were only ‘doing their job’?’ Then do your best Gene Wilder imitation, crooking your arm over your head as if holding a noose, cocking your head awkwardly sideways with your eyes rolled back and your tongue sticking out.

At some point about now, assuming they still haven’t fled, they may ask you a question. *** Never, EVER answer a direct question. *** Always respond with a question of your own. Bear in mind that agents traveling in pairs often display the ‘good guy, bad guy’ strategy. If you observe this happening, ask the taller one:

‘Say, I get it! You guys are using that old ‘good cop, bad cop’ bit where one of you acts like an aggressive thug with too much testosterone while your buddy acts like my friend, protecting me from his tough partner, am I right? I LOVE THAT BIT! I saw it again last night on an old Cagney flick. Can you please do it some more so I can get it on tape?’

If they’re still standing there (man, they must REALLY need that performance bonus), here’s an example of how some further conversation might go (role-play this type of light comedic banter with your friends and acquaintances until you find yourself comfortable fielding all sorts of inane, tax-related questions).

Agent: ‘We have no record of receiving a Form 1040 from you for the year 1999.’

You: ‘Gee whiz, I didn’t know I was required to file a 1040 on exclusively DOMESTIC sources of taxable income! Are you sure? Did you know that a former Commissioner admitted in 1993 that one in five Americans no longer files returns? Do you guys still file?’

Agent: ‘All must file. All must voluntarily comply. Resistance is futile.’

You: ‘No kidding? Can you show me where it says that in the Law? Where do they wind you guys up, anyway? Can you show me the key?’

Agent: ‘We don’t have to show you anything. We’re from the IRS.’

You (snapping to attention and delivering a crisp Nazi salute): ‘You don’t? Really? Geez, is this Cuba? Are we in Cuba? I thought we were still in the U.S. Hey, are you guys really from the IRS, or part of some new government cloning experiment?’

Agent: ‘According to our records, you owe us $20,422.39 in unpaid 1040 tax for the year 1999.’

You: ‘Really? No kidding! I didn’t know 1040 was a tax. I thought it was a return. Can you show me where in the Internal Revenue Code Congress defined the 1040 as a tax? Wow, $20,422.39 sounds like about as much as you guys probably make in an entire year combined! How much DO you guys make, anyway? Are you sure you guys are REALLY from the IRS? Hey, didn’t I see you on a recent episode of the ‘X Files’? Can you please go back to the office and put everything in writing so I can have my case worker at The Save-A-Patriot Fellowship reply under power-of-attorney? Did you hear how the Fellowship whipped your butts in court? Hey, come back, where are you going? I was just getting warmed up!’ At some point during this frivolity, stop, act totally surprised like Peter Falk in ‘Colombo’ (as if you’ve just remembered something … slapping yourself in the forehead is effective for emphasis) and ask, ‘Wait a minute. Wait just a gosh darn minute here! Does this visit pertain to SUBTITLE E?’ (try to say ‘E’ in two rising syllables)

They will have no idea on Earth what you’re talking about. That’s why they’re working for the IRS. So explain to them that subtitle E of the tax code covers alcohol, tobacco and firearms ONLY. Ask them if they’re alleging that you’re involved in any activity pertaining to those areas.

If they haven’t left yet, whip out a photocopy of code section 7608 and hand it to them, while reading from your own copy (now you know why you need two copies). Be sure to speak clearly so you get this all on tape for the record. It will also make for hilarious good fun when you play this tape at your next family gathering or church social.

Point out to them that code section 7608 is their ‘job description’ — their sole, duly authorized function as revenue agents. Here’s what 7608 ‘Authority of internal revenue enforcement officers’ actually says:

‘(a) Enforcement of subtitle E and other laws pertaining to liquor, tobacco, and firearms. Any investigator, agent, or other internal revenue officer by whatever term designated, whom the Secretary charges with the duty of enforcing any of the criminal, seizure, or forfeiture provisions of subtitle E or of any other law of the United States pertaining to the commodities subject to tax under such subtitle for the enforcement of which the Secretary is responsible may – (1) carry firearms; (2) execute and serve search warrants and arrest warrants, and serve subpoenas and summonses issued under authority of the United States; (3) in respect to the performance of such duty, make arrests without warrant for any offense against the United States committed in his presence, or for any felony cognizable under the laws of the United States if he has reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed, or is committing, such felony; and (4) in respect to the performance of such duty, make seizures of property subject to forfeiture to the United States.

Hey, where are subtitles A and C? Ask them to let you know where it says anything about income tax under subtitle A or social security employment tax under subtitle C? All you can find in 7608 is subtitle E? What gives? When they act perplexed, ask them to read it again.

Remind them, ‘You know, fellas’, this is your job description as written by Congress. Any activity beyond this would constitute criminal racketeering under RICO.’ Once the light starts to dawn, now ask, ‘Now which one of you wants to be listed first on my complaint to the Grand Jury foreman for fraud and extortion?’

If they aren’t running to their car yet, ask them ‘Hey, wait a minute so I can go grab my cell phone and dial ’911′ to report a robbery in progress. Hey, wait! Come back! You haven’t answered my questions! I need your office number and address for my criminal complaint!’

If possible, videotape them slinking (or racing) away to their government sedan and get the license plate number. Now hire a local private investigator to ‘run the tags’ through the DMV computer and trace the car to the IRS office these actors came from.

Call them on the phone the next day and inform them that you plan to submit the tape to ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ and you don’t need them to sign an approval waiver unless they want to. Tell them ‘Your compliance is voluntary.’

Ha, ha.

Now run this tape on your local cable TV show for free under ‘Equal Access’. Put up a web site and stream the video. Submit it to ‘America’s Most Wanted’. Call Geraldo Rivera. Show it at local gun clubs, high schools and flower shows. Use your imagination and you’ll think of dozens of other ways to use this primary source footage to awaken your fellow citizens to IRS fraud in action.

Citizenship in motion is always good, clean fun. Now, go check those batteries!

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via Kissing Corporal Kate

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I've had my share of stories and I've heard too many to even begin
from other people.

It is getting a lot worse with over 100,000 SWAT Team raids a year
now, most for simple stuff like routine warrant service, and they get
very out of control.



Check out




If the MSM does not want to cover it we can raise up a stink in the
blogsophere. Just recently Toby Iselin in Keene, NH wrote a polite
letter to his state representative in favor of a bill in the
legislature to decriminalize marijuana and Rep. Burridge wrote back
and CC'ed the Keene PD, called Toby a dumb pothead and said it is
"thrilling to snitch on your friends" and "you would make a great
snitch." (more…)

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by way of LP blog

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Hell? Yes!

Originally at Last Free Voice

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posted by Justin Raimondo at AntiWar.com blog

This video (hat tip: Lew Rockwell) is revealing in a number of different ways. First of all, it shows up Hillary Clinton for what she truly is: an opportunist who is only tenuously acquainted with the truth. She now claims that if she had known then what she knows now, she would never have voted for the war: but in this video, in which she meets with members of Code Pink, the antiwar women’s group, she downplays the “weapons of mass destruction” rationale for war, and emphasizes, instead, the brutality of Saddam’s dictatorship.

Secondly, I would note the unctuousness of Code Pink leader Medea Benjamin, who shamelessly kisses up to Hillary in her introduction, and even declares that she “knows you secretly agree with us” about the war. The fun begins when Hillary sternly disabuses Ms. Benjamin of this illusion, lecturing her about the absolute evil represented by Saddam’s Iraq, and reminding her of the Clintonian war against the Serbs, which, as all good liberals know, was a righteous war. Poor Medea — talk about having the rug pulledout from under you!

The best part is when one of the Code Pink women approaches Hillary, at the end, and tries to hand her a “pink slip” — some pink underpants of a decidedly delicate character. This is when Hillary bares her fangs, and lashes out: “I am the Senator from New York,” she intones, wagging her finger at the woman like a schoolmarm, “and if you think I’m going to endanger the security of my constituents you are very much mistaken!”

Wow! How telling that, when cornered, Hillary resorts to the Bushian “we’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here” argument — and so readily, almost instinctively.

Now that the war is unpopular, however, Hillary is trying to distance herself from her previous incarnation as a hawk. It won’t work — thanks to Youtube!

372902522_697eca75ef_m.jpg 372902526_80685c0c0a_m.jpg

Photos by Jim Bovard

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